Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) APK

Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game)
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If you like medieval fantasy with immersive storytelling, then this is THE series of text-based games for you! You start off playing a wizard in search of glory and loot, but soon find yourself pulled into a world of deadly conspiracy and parallel universes. Later, the story continues as you switch to playing a rogue. You better learn to be a versatile role player.

It's like a series of your favorite fantasy novels, but gamified to be even more awesome!

Your choices change the story and alter survival stats you need to make it to the end of each heart-pounding adventure.

This package of text-based games includes the entire Wizard's Choice series (6 large adventures), and all of the Rogue's Choice series (7 chapters so far). Although you can find these stories elsewhere by Delight Games, this package was created specifically to deliver the Ring City universe of stories, enhanced with new features including achievement/point progress tracking. Also, this package has been designed to be a free game where you refresh your virtual currency with your achievements and through rewarded videos. This is the ultimate package of Delight Games interactive fiction for you medieval fantasy fans.

Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) APK reviews

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Bruce Gaubatz review Bruce Gaubatz
I have played the 1st two chapters of the game a couple of times and love it! I am so glad that the rest was released and I'm truly excited to see where the story takes me. If you liked the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books when you were younger ( or like in my case young at heart) and stories with a fantasy setting then this book is absolutely for you! And even if you're a bit of a youngster and have no clue what a "Choose Your Own Adventure" is, still give it a shot! Reading is fun! Try it! All the cool kids are doing it. LOL ??
Danny McCormick review Danny McCormick
Intriguing. Of course there are not infinite story lines to choose from. Often the author only has one storyline that continues and all other choices punish you until you pick that one. Not bad though. Stories are interesting.
Dakota McIntosh review Dakota McIntosh
The chapters cost too much but I love the game, it's near impossible to unlock the chapter s without paying real money, please make it easier to unlock then it'd be perfect
John Dantzler review John Dantzler
Giving five stars because the games are great, but I've played them already. Would have been nice had it been clearer that this is a repackaging of the Wizard's Choice and Rogue's Choice series (es, if that's a word). But hey, it's free. And they're still terrific.
Arsin Khazali review Arsin Khazali
After wizard choice and detectiv choice I was waiting for another amazing story like this please develop story like this adventure and magic stuff tnx u are the best??
the dark gamings review the dark gamings
Lol theze graphics ARE TOP QUALITY 10/10 would refer a friend about these graphics bro like this is better than 4k its 8k definitely download this if you want your Eye Holes to feel upmost pleasure of these graphics