Megatramp - A Success Story APK

Megatramp - A Success Story
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An extreme tramp simulator!
Live the life of a tramp – survive, save money and try to rise above the crowd!
Life is cruel and only the most stubborn can survive life on the streets. Fight for your life – stay healthy, keep up your spirits and don't go hungry, otherwise you'll lose everything!
Hand in cans to get on the road to success!
Exchange currency at the best rates!
Break into big business and manage a corporation!
Amass influence and become the president!
Level up and become a level 80 tramp!
Survive, grow and become immortal!
Become the king of the tramps!

Megatramp - A Success Story APK reviews

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William Topia review William Topia
I thoroughly enjoyed it
This game was fun and cool.. o loved it how you would run out
Steven Long review Steven Long
It's kinda interesting if you have nothing better to do. All the normal things you'd expect from a game about building up from rags to riches. The random popup ads are really annoying and as others have mentioned, can crash the game. Also, the random notices that the game pops up have two issues. One is that you can click through them, so you end up clicking on other stuff and making other menus pop up. Second, the random events are way too random and have huge effects that usually swing negatively. It's a dumb mechanic to slow you down.
Sam Dawes review Sam Dawes
I paid to receive another life but the game reset anyway and I lost all my progress..including my kitty In which I paid for as well. Shame on you all.
Stuart Angely review Stuart Angely
Needs work
This game would be a five star fantastic game if... 1.Lessen the frequency of random negative effects. I use up most of my turns fixing the constant negative effects 2.Doing an action depletes my other needs by far too much. Belching in a canteen should not take away 1/6 of my health and hunger that's messed up. 3.This game is not worth £2.69 for unlimited turns. Kingdom rush was £1.69 and its a 5 star winner with replay value too. I would buy this game if it didn't feel like such a rip off.
Ravena Zorven review Ravena Zorven
Worse game ever. Ever minute something goes wrong. Played game for a few weeks. Well into year ten. I'm no better then a week ago. This is frustrating and a waste of time. Your tramp just never gets past low levels. Better things don't happen until seemingly impossible levels.
Mohamed Sharaf review Mohamed Sharaf
The mighty energy system ruins yet another game, I could play this for hours and hours, but no, I have to wait a couple of hours just for about 10minutes of actual game play. Plus the fact that every 5 moves you get beat up or set on fire, or any other unfortunate event and have to spend a hundred moves just spamming health, food, and happiness actions until the level up saves you from that horrid loop.
Aaron Loftin review Aaron Loftin
" Success"
This game would be fun if I didn't get lit on fire or beat up or stolen from every 4 turns, its hard enough to keep your happiness food and health all level but these " random events" happen every five or so turns making the game unplayable... So much potential to be fun, but its wasted..
Sean Dixon review Sean Dixon
Suffered through 60 lvls. Between your businesses being bought out for way less than you paid, bricks landing on your head, and ? that crash right after you buy them you better be prepared to pay to succeed at the game.
Andrew Overholt review Andrew Overholt
Love the concept, hate the game
Love the idea of this game. I like games where you turn a zero into a hero... but seriously... get set on fire every ten days, your businesses get bought without your say so and you have to buy them back every 30 days, 95 percent of the game is spent trying to recover from food shortage or health shortage, whether you steal food from pigeons or buy it from a restaurant you still get food poisoning every 30 days or less.... too many complaints, not enough space
Asia Lewis review Asia Lewis
Take a page out of the others books.
I love games like this, and had high hopes for it. Advertisements are a pain, the "move counter" is completely stupid, and the pop ups make me want to throw my phone. I would suggest looking at the similar games and integrating some of their ideas into this one, instead of shoving the need to purchase stuff in the players faces.
Rock Janecek review Rock Janecek
Bad things happen to you without ceasing, and the only way to avoid paying real money is to convert cash (in-game), holding as little as possible, and keeping businesses going. Now that I've gotten to level 80 I realize that it is literally impossible to get the late-level unlocks without spending tons of actual money, which is a shame. Fun while it lasts, and then pointless.
Rayvaughn Jackson review Rayvaughn Jackson
This a great game!!
This is a good game because if your bored you can play this to burn time and it shows us how homeless people live and how some of them get money.
Codi Henry review Codi Henry
Money hungry
The game comes packaged with ads, several dollar purchases, and gameplay that will make you believe that you need to spend money. I'm really regretting the $3 I spent on unlimited moves, because they don't matter. At some point, you will be stuck in an endless loop of being robbed, beat up, and being lit on fire. The time it takes you to recover from this will be more than the time between tragedies. The game is clever. It knows exactly how to keep its players in one spot for an infinite amount of time.
Justin Langman review Justin Langman
Every other touch something bad happens. It's ridiculous. Plus the good things that happen are barely noticeable. Fun to kill time, but it just made me really annoyed
Peter Taplin review Peter Taplin
Time Waster. Literally.
The idea of the game itself is good. At first it's fun, progression seems simple, even the random events give you a bit of a laugh. It's only when you get to the higher levels and you're being beaten up, robbed, crashing your car, set alight and your home falling down, at least once a month, that you realise how much of a pisstake this game is. Just got 80k gold for an apartment? Let's just throw that in the bin. Oh you saved up for a car? Watch out for that tree. Fun.