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3.1.10 · Yobi Mobi

Unlimited Calling and Messaging App - SMS Home Screen Launcher

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Offers Free
Version 3.1.10
Developer Yobi Mobi
Category Apps, Personalization
ID com.myhomescreen.sms
Requirements 9

Messenger Home - SMS Launcher 3.1.10 APK description

Messenger Home is a free, all-in-one Android launcher and lightning-fast SMS messaging app that supercharges your phone’s home screen. It keeps your text messaging simple, fast, and fun with over 5 million users to confirm it. SO, JUST ANOTHER MESSAGING APP, RIGHT? 📲 Not exactly. Messenger Home’s free launcher features a functional home screen to give you quick access to your five most frequent contacts to message. Swipe right on your home screen and you’ll have access to all of your text message and SMS conversations. Packed with 4000+ free emojis, stickers, and GIFs, Messenger Home will spice up your SMS texting and messaging experience! NOT CONVINCED YET? Explore our growing set of new features that help you stay connected with Messenger Home SMS Launcher: PERSONALIZED MESSAGING: 📱 Easily customize your chat and messenger with new themes and colors to make it more YOU. Message your friends in style. APP SPEED: One Swipe Access to all your SMS text messages. Swipe right to open your messages, and swipe left to return to your home screen. SIMPLICITY IN MESSAGING: Dynamic home screen shortcuts for your top 5 most frequently messaged friends and family! Chat quicker with your most recent friends you have been messaging. This free app makes SMS texting simple and easy. CREATIVITY IN MESSAGING: While we’re on the subject of your contacts, each one has a custom colorized icon so you can easily message the person you are looking for. Create private and secure groups to chat with. Free texting in your own creative way. FUN MESSAGING: Satisfy all your expressive needs with over 4000 free emojis, gifs, stickers, and memes directly inside your SMS text messages 🤯. Expressing yourself through chat has never been more fun!😍 APP VERSATILITY: Messenger Home is free and optimized for phone, web, and voice functionality so accessing important SMS text messages, chats with friends, your favorite apps, searching for a contact, or searching the web is as simple as ever. APP FUNCTIONALITY: Messenger Home replaces your OEM home screen with our sleek, messaging focused home screen to chat and message who you want. Most frequent contacts who message or text you are conveniently placed front and center on your home screen, and your most popular apps are grouped into thematic folders for easy access. We are not just a SMS texting, chatting and messaging app; We take you phone to a new level of functionality. 📱 WELL, REALLY? Yes, we think it might just be the best free messaging home screen experience for Android™! See it yourself for free by downloading the app to start messaging and chat away! Key Features: -Default SMS, chat, and messenger features -Top contacts you message, chat, or SMS text will be easily accessible from home screen -Secure and private SMS text, messaging and chat 💯 -Messenger widget for SMS texting, messaging and chat -Customize your SMS theme -Chat and messaging features you will love -Customizable notifications for SMS texting, messaging and chat -Over 4000+ free emojis, stickers, and GIFs you can use in your messages 🤩 -Protected messages, chats and SMS texts -Free messenger app for Android -US Newsfeed Our mission is to build the fastest, easiest, most functional free Messaging Launcher available. We're constantly looking for feedback on the app, messaging, chat, SMS text, privacy, and security, in order to make the next versions even better. Keep Messenger Home updated and let us know what you think. We hope you love it!
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Latest change log:

❤️ Now Supporting iOS Reactions
😎 Smart Message Shortcuts
📨 Newly Designed Messaging Inbox
🔍 Search Conversations
💯 Smart Notifications
🔥 Fun Emojis
🎆 Pin Favorite Contacts
👍 Performance Improvements

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Version Arch OS Updated
3.1.10 Bundles arm64_v8a_3555841.apk n/a 2023-01-10 (4 months ago)
3.1.8 Bundles arm64_v8a_3555841.apk n/a 2023-01-05 (4 months ago)
3.1.7 Bundles arm64_v8a_3555841.apk n/a 2022-12-28 (5 months ago)
3.1.6 Bundles arm64_v8a_3555841.apk n/a 2022-12-23 (5 months ago)
3.0.31 Bundles arm64_v8a_3555841.apk n/a 2022-12-18 (5 months ago)
3.1.4 Bundles arm64_v8a_3555841.apk n/a 2022-12-18 (5 months ago)
3.1.3 Bundles arm64_v8a_3555841.apk n/a 2022-12-15 (5 months ago)
3.0.23 (2 variants) Bundles armeabi_v7a_2204165.apk Android 5.0+ 2022-11-09 (6 months ago)
3.0.20 Universial Android 5.0+ 2022-11-02 (6 months ago)