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Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages
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A fast and data-efficient messaging app to reach the people in your life. Messenger Lite:

Installs quickly. It's less than 10MB to install, saving storage space on your phone.
Saves data. It loads fast, runs efficiently and uses less mobile data.
Works everywhere. Reach people when you're in an area with a slow or unstable internet connection.
Runs on most phones. You can use it on Android phones version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher.

With Messenger Lite, you can:

Contact anyone on Messenger, Facebook or Facebook Lite.
See when people are active and available to chat.
Message people one-on-one or in groups to catch up or make plans.
Send photos, videos and links, or express yourself with stickers and emojis.
Make voice calls for free over Wi-Fi (otherwise standard data charges apply). Talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries!

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Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages APK reviews

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Ross Ivey review Ross Ivey
It's much better than the original messenger app! It's clean and simple. It's perfect for those who want the bare bones experience. My only complaint is that the notification setting for vibration doesn't work. I've tried to turn off vibrations but they still persist. If that could be fixed, the app would be worth of 5 stars
goana marius review goana marius
Its acting strange regardless of the internet network or wi- fi. It just not sending the message. It keep saying "sending" and stays like this for ages. And i now see that im not the only one having this problem. I have send two reports i will wait and see. Long story short a rubbish app. Worse than an unofficial app
Aaron Marco Delos Reyes review Aaron Marco Delos Reyes
2 things 1. Does the app have the mention feature? I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab3.0. Please let me know. 2. We have access to stickers- but not emojis? We use it frequently than stickers. Please add the feat, too. Otherwise, it's great and smooth so far
Connected to strong wifi or even fast ample data, messages sending and receiving acts as if it has no connection. Takes forever for messages to arrive when in my browser it's already there. This is so disappointing. Worked better in my Sony.
Wellington Matheus review Wellington Matheus
The app looks great and keeps getting better with the new updates. However, there are two problems that bothers me. The first is the fact that I can see the Facebook Messenger emojis in the conversations, but I can not post the emojis since they are not available in Lite. It would be easier if you added the option to send emojis to the app. The second problem about profile photos. When I change the profile photo on Facebook, the same does not happen with the profile photo in Messenger Lite. You need to improve this Messenger Lite interaction with Facebook and Facebook Lite apps.
Camil Bradea review Camil Bradea
Some links that I receive cannot be opened. Sometimes I send a few messages and it keeps saying 'Sending...' even though I'm connected to the Internet and it works in other apps. Facebook apps started to become a joke.
Lee Lee review Lee Lee
Fantastic app, low space required, none of the junk fb messenger has to distract from the intended purpose of text and calls. The only downfall unable to view videos. Other than that don't change anything. People if you want all the other rubbish like gifs, stories, chat heads, video calling blah blah blah download fb messenger again, leaving us to enjoy this basic app as it is.
Aaron Friedman review Aaron Friedman
the notification sound is nearly inaudible at my normal volume level and it cannot be changed to something else. i know the app is supposed to be minimalist and whatnot, but come on...
Adrian Ramos Peon review Adrian Ramos Peon
Good for simple messages
Since the "full messenger" has become crap with its snapchat-like interface, this app becomes the go-to FB messaging app. It would be nice to have the base emoji from FB instead of the bigger stickers. Supporting calls would make it perfect.
Paul Santo review Paul Santo
I had Facebook Messenger and Facebook. Which took up so much space and Facebook runs all the time. Something had to give. And FB Messenger was my Default. I actually dusted off my regular Message App. That came with the phone & still I saved so much space. And didn't lose all that much either. This App has everything I need.
Freedom Weng review Freedom Weng
Pls add sticker features!!!!
Shafiul Islam review Shafiul Islam
when I tried to call someone.. messenger has stopped working (needs to forced close) . voice call not working at all..
Chamindu Dilshan Abeysekara review Chamindu Dilshan Abeysekara
Love it
Its faster love it
Sohini Basuray review Sohini Basuray
It is faster and is low in space. I like it. It good be better if some features from messager app are on this app like able to ignore a message, able to add photos to my day, have emojis is this app like the other messager app have
hidayu hassan review hidayu hassan
It would be better if there's emoji and showed online friends. Each messages must get through even though from strangers. There's a notification I'm receiving messages from strangers but it disappeared from list when I open messenger lite. Facebook lite didn't have that specification also. I've to open facebook in chrome before I could read those messages. Make it possible please.