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Connect our App with Mi Drone hardware, explore new perspectives at your fingertips.
Enjoy the flight and record beautiful moments!

Main features:
1. Real-time map view and flight parameters
2. HD camera to take photos and videos
3. Convenient shortcuts for Take Off, Land, Return to Home, Orbit Flight, Dronie Flight, Tap-fly Flight, Waypoints Flight
4. Multiple safety system include GPS tracking, Return to Home when low battery, Return to Home when disconnected, Auto hover at No Fly Zone
5. Flight records include distance, minutes, times
6. Photo sharing to Facebook, Twitter and WeChat

Mi Drone APK reviews

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Mark Stronge review Mark Stronge
Works well, video quality could be better
George Tremblay review George Tremblay
GPS location is off by several miles. GPS flight functions do not work. Gimbal calibration crashes the app. Compass calibration is requested for every flight and is often unsuccessful. The Drone itself is very nice, but the software needs quite a bit of work.
Agus setyawan review Agus setyawan
In my curent city, samarinda, east of borneo, Indonesia i have a lot of city in red circle zone it means i cant fly my drone. Can you reduce it ?
Tyson review Tyson
The app is finally sorted, yay Xiaomi, GPS location is on par and everything works perfectly, just completing my otherwise perfect drone. Very excited. Thanks for listening to your customers Xiaomi
George Baxter review George Baxter
Most problems fixed! 4k drone.
Perry Hughes review Perry Hughes
after the update all the bugs seem to be fixed, great work, a lot of fun flying this drone.
Jim Popadocalas review Jim Popadocalas
Waste of $460 thanks for breaking my drone
Sufian Abu-Faris review Sufian Abu-Faris
All fixed with new app. Thank you
Fadlon Ridha review Fadlon Ridha
Very, very bad....!!!!
Daniel Beck review Daniel Beck
Does Not Work with Pixel XL Running Latest Android Software
I have the same problem as others. The software crashes when you try to run the app. It also appears to have caused a problem with my transmitter. The transmitter turned on fine when I received it yesterday but it will not turn on normally ever since I connected it to my phone. I can plug in the charge port and it will turn on. Once it turns on I can unplug it from the charger and it will stay on. I was able to get the transmitter on and use a friend's iPhone to get it setup and fly one time.
Tommy Winther review Tommy Winther
Garbage. ?
toey boonwichai review toey boonwichai
still lock altitude at 120metres
Iqra Ilman review Iqra Ilman
With the current update I'm very happy with the app. It is very easy to use and makes flying the Mi 4k easy to fly. It offers so much information about your flights and the condition of the drone.
Derek Young review Derek Young
Works exactly as expected and the screen layout is neat. The full screen function is nice too. Keep up the good work.

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