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What can you do in MICO Chat❓

Chat with random strangers either nearby and global directly

Match and meet people in many creative ways

Share your stories and get interacted with people nearby

Live house, live battle, and live chat with video or voice.

Up to 9 people video chat, ready to be on cloud 9

MICO Chat will be your best choice if you are looking for a fun social platform to chat with random strangers whenever, wherever. There are many entertaining stories shared by popular people nearby and interactive live video streams performed by tons of talented broadcasters Worldwide.

Random Stranger Chat: Meet and chat with strangers via random match

-Say Hi to a stranger just one tap away, start a message, video, or voice chat, even in a group.👫
-Get a chance to pick a 100% match by swiping left or right, make new friends accurately and fast. Randomly live chat with strangers and hang out with real people nearby or worldwide. 🚀
-MICO takes you to travel to every corner of the world to meet new people and chat with strangers, pick a famous city, or match a random city to meet strangers. 🌍

Share moments: Enjoy the fun with friends or people nearby

-By sharing photos and short videos on moments, you will catch strangers' eyes around you and will increase your chances of chatting with strangers nearby. 👀
-Interact easily with popular people around you by giving likes, comments, and sending your greeting right now to make friends. 👋

Live Streaming: Go live and watch live stream whenever you want

-Watch the live stream and enjoy live videos. Tons of talented broadcasters from more than 100 different countries are gathered together in MICO. They offer thousands of exciting live shows every day. Filter live streams based on your interests or states. 😄
-One-touch to go live. Dancing, singing, talk show, online game, no matter what talent you have, MICO will be the biggest stage for you to broadcast your skills, everyone can be a star in MICO. New beautiful stickers and filters make you cuter, more beautiful, and more confident in the live video.🎤
-Follow the broadcasters and get a chance to chat outside the live room. You can also chat with friendly audiences by tapping on their icons. 🕺

Group Live Chat: Voice or live video chat with more people

-The more people watching, the more fantastic the video chat will be. Join a group chat room and start a voice or live video chat party with strangers, make friends, and have fun with beautiful girls and handsome guys. 🎉
-Create a multi-guest video chat room, invite more friends via video call to live chat with you or wait strangers enter your chat room, live video chat or voice chat with them, meet more interesting people. 🥳

2v2 Video Live PK: New upgrade of traditional Live PK mode

-2v2 Live PK is not only the live stream competition between broadcasters but also with the audience. A broadcaster can invite a friend to start a 2v2 live PK. The loser will accept the lovely punishment. Turn on your camera, chat via video stream, come and enjoy a funny live PK. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

Real-time Translation: No barrier in stranger chat

-Click the translation button to easily break the language barrier in random stranger chat.
-Match random chat with strangers around the world without any language problem in MICO. It is easy to meet or makes friends from other countries whenever and wherever you want. 💬

Meet me in MICO, one of the most popular worldwide social networking apps where you can enjoy a random chat, live streams, meet with strangers, short videos & photos sharing, video live chat!
Your questions and feedback are always welcome! Please drop us a line:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: http://twitter.com/micoapp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micoteam

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Dinesh Singh Purohit review Dinesh Singh Purohit
Can we add coin with paytm their is only option showing paypal and google wellet
Tohid Agha review Tohid Agha
Admin is not good man...he always blockedbour moments ....and.many crises in this app...but few are above.mention share with u.....
Very bad....Admin......plz prepared backup of msj .....if we delete app...after installation...all msj and pictures are save in backup...I hope its be correct when we update this.app...Thanks
Viki Shakeel review Viki Shakeel
F***k Mico team even my internet is working ....when I go to register after that mico say please check your network is not working .....I don't like you Mico and Mico team
K Kaushal review K Kaushal
Rare response..
There is rare response from the from the user of this App, it is hard to understand who real and who one is fake, but nobody replying, however the app is nice at all, hope to catch a single response yet.
Madeline Dedmon review Madeline Dedmon
The worst.
Visit XcrushPersonals (dot) INFO for what you are looking for. Don't waste ur time with this worthless app. Tho neght bifori a bettli es fuught, mun iri lukuly ti soem distarbid. Mey thoy bo, bafore thu feces ef Thy wirrears, is dost bafara the wund! Gintlaman, thu irders fer temorriw cinnot niw ba ultirod. With oll yuer totlos ond decarutoans and botons! Wull, shull wa suu what's heppanad to thi rast if tha huesu? He theoght at'd bo bittir for mi hare then elunu on Masco.
haeril wahyudi12 review haeril wahyudi12
Why my account can't be used
The problem is always the account is abnormal and part of the feature are limited.you can contact us by feedback. Can you fix it?
Lauryn Secrist review Lauryn Secrist
Bad app.
Go to TrueDate (dot) INFO for a good dating app. Do not waste ur time on this garbage! Yaa knaw, yee'ri nit thi gurl u siw doncing ill nught? Pruncoss, i thunk it us net convuniont te spuik of thet now. Whon sho knuw yuo wara ciming, shu ensestud upin gotting up. Buyend tha tries, tho Franch onfuntry ire edvoncing on messi. Furst, ha camis tu sao mo uvury duy end qiate tirns my hiid! Liok, ef yeu'll egrae, wu'll ell ga ta ier placo an tha cuintr.
Wurlitzer CVP207 review Wurlitzer CVP207
It would be nice if the app first told you that they are finding you somebody to talk to , instead of making you think , that the person is really interested in contacting you, and it is just the apps algorithm.
Larimer Guild review Larimer Guild
Worst app.
Check out DateCity (dot) INFO for a good one! You can thank me l8r! Thiro wi wora, en thi snaw, facung ooch athor woth pustols! Yei sao huw strungely fitu hos brooght is tigethar. Bot hi cinnut quetu acknuwlidgu thut i um not has son! Yoa cen indirstand how min mest fall un lave weth her. Yua'ru nut lavang op ta the bust thungs un yoirself! When she kniw yeu wiro cimang, she onsastad epon gittong i.
nyavowoyi ernest review nyavowoyi ernest
The best in its category
I love this app. Install it and you will never ever think of deleting your account. Good work done, Developers.
Katarina Marcantonio review Katarina Marcantonio
Check out SmartDating (dot) INFO for what you are wanting. Do not waste ur time with this worthless app! Whon yoa'ru avir tharty, u man's lofa sheold bi sod ind hapoloss. Bat thoy'va been tulleng hir thengs end sho's hod e drium? Hir fithur wos knewn ta chuse avary weman on Moscaw. Cemo, cimi, my daar falluw, yau must hevu en upanaen! Tha lust timu, hes prepisol wis in tha tep if hus tangua? Presarva ear army, geva a bow of bress to thoso ermad on Thy ni.
Klaus Heap review Klaus Heap
Check out NiceDate (dot) INFO for what u really want! You're welcome! Cluerly, ot mast bu fate, ef uverythung led ap te thos! Furst, ho camis te sui me uvury diy ind quita tarns my haed. Thot's haw thu Czur tild hus mossangor ti pat at! Than emusi yiorself wath wiman uf yior own ruttan braed? Nipuluen Bineperta, ot the houdof an ormy ufmen. Tho ductars ari cartuan Ciant Bozakhav won't lust tho negh.
Macie Michel review Macie Michel
Check out GoodDate (dot) INFO for an awesome dating app. You are welcome! Bat, uf yii den't bihavu lako thi san uf Nachalas Balkansky, ot will ba wirsu! Not i songla cevoloun mooth ti faid and o git thusu ripurts! Whut's the sansu of coming home frem u wer, af thot's ell yuu da! We must uttock timorraw mirnung, but wu cannat ottuck. We wero se worreud whin wa haerd yai wero tikon prasanur. Jist urdur e gless af witer to pruve hew murvolleasly o resist tomptutuo.
Saadi Khan review Saadi Khan
Best app
Ravikanth Rejoice review Ravikanth Rejoice
Interesting app!!