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Show host Mike O'Meara, along with radio veterans Robb Spewak and Oscar Santana, entertains his fans with a "no barred" roundtable discussion of the day’s events, along with hilarious discussions of their personal lives. Throw in daily sound bites from the "audio vault", news headlines, and you have one of the best hours of entertainment on the Internet or the radio. This application puts the entire show in the palm of your hands along with all other MORE broadcasting podcasts.

App Features:
- Exclusive: 24/7 Live Stream with quick access to call the show!
- Push notifications let you know when TMOS goes live!
- Access to all MORE broadcasting shows including BONUS show content
- Precision progress bar displays exactly what has been listened
- Time-coded bookmarks lets you quickly access your favorite moments for replay
- Sleep timer lets you listen at night and slowly fades audio out
- Create a playlist of all your favorite episodes for continuous playback
- Media controls that works with bluetooth, headphone controls, and notification panel
- Optimized for the latest Android phones and tablets
- Advanced settings to configure automatic downloads, playback rate, custom skip forward and backward amounts, and so much more!

Podcast Show List
- The Mike O'Meara Show (TMOS)
- Mike O'Meara Bonus Shows
- Political Persuasions
- Tony Perkins Show
- Tech 411 Show
- O'MearaCast
- The Rob and Joe Show
- Cake and Cookies

Visit TMOS Website - http://www.MikeOmearaShow.com

Created by Free App Company - http://freeappcompany.com/

Powered by Playapod - https://playapod.com

NOTE: Bonus show access currently requires yearly subscription. Please login to the website in order to setup.

Mike O'Meara Show APK reviews

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Shawn Smith review Shawn Smith
Crashes. No breadcrumbs, so reentering a podcast starts at the beginning. Has lots of potential, beautifully rendered, but has some usability issues. Crashing problem getting worse. Considering switching to streaming through a browser. New ad scheme is annoying, muting other things whenever the app is open is unnecessary and frustrating.
Zombiexm review Zombiexm
Audio will.cut out and in at random times. Sometimes it Will return by itself, sometimes pausing and playing again fixes it but most times the app has to be closed and reopened to reyurn to the show.
Robert Holloway review Robert Holloway
Great app! Easy to use! Love the TMOS and MORE jocks!
Bradley Wagner review Bradley Wagner
Like it just wish the best ofs on the live stream were updated more feels like it is the same all the time
Jesse Shea review Jesse Shea
All good now
You all need to buy the bonus show and download this app!! :)
Michael O'Connor review Michael O'Connor
Mike, Robb, Oscar and Pony Boy rule
Richard Littlejohn review Richard Littlejohn
Crashes every time I touch my phone.
I gave you 5 stars because I don't want to bring down your ratings but you really need to figure out why it crashes every time an ad pops up or when you change apps
A Google user review A Google user
Its f'n great... If you wanna "get it" GET THIS APP!!
chewy96216 review chewy96216
It's great, until.
That's right! It is great. After about 10 mins it shuts off, regardless if you're listening or just downloading a podcast. Samsung s4
Scott Goldberg review Scott Goldberg
TMOS mixes it with love and makes the world taste good
Janet.Bill Bartling review Janet.Bill Bartling
Best podcast ever!
A Google user review A Google user
Funny and smart radio friendly content.
mark banas review mark banas
Great show great app
Sean Forman review Sean Forman
Great app for tmos fans
Caleb C review Caleb C