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MindMeister for Android lets you create, edit and share your mind maps on your Android phone or tablet and synchronize them with the award-winning free online MindMeister service, either alone or collaboratively with others.

*** MindMeister.com is the premier collaborative mind mapping site with close to 5 million users ***

Feature highlights:
✔ Create and edit graphical mind maps
✔ Seamlessly sync maps and folders with your free online account
✔ Share maps directly from the device
✔ Multi-touch support for drag & drop, zoom, pan
✔ Add icons, colors, styles, boundaries and map themes
✔ Edit and view notes, links and tasks on ideas
✔ Draw connections between topics
✔ Export as RTF, PDF and image
✔ Export as MindManager, Freemind, MS Word and MS PowerPoint (requires paid MindMeister account)
✔ Manage Favorites
✔ Browse Public Maps
✔ Play map-based presentations on device

Additional features through www.MindMeister.com interface:

✔ Unlimited undo / redo
✔ Import from MindManager, Freemind, Mind and text files

PLEASE NOTE: MindMeister for Android automatically backs up all your mobile maps with the MindMeister.com service and therefore asks you to create a free account when launching the app for the first time. You can however also use the demo mode to test the app before signing up.

Automatic synchronization with the www.MindMeister.com service ensures that your data is safe in the cloud and allows you to continue working on your ideas in the award-winning and full-featured web interface, on your own or together with friends.

MindMeister is continually improving the app and actively looking for your feedback. Please send your ideas, suggestions, and comments to [email protected]

"MindMeister is a beautifully simple mind-mapping tool. Using the application is totally intuitive, as it has no mess or clutter from fancy frills."
Kate Russell, BBC News

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Yury Baranov review Yury Baranov
Works great
First of all, I am a paid member, since I found mindmeister to be the best mind mapping software (for me). That said, their mobile version is great! It's a little bit slow compared to the Web version (running on galaxy s5), but works great, the functionality is the same, and I overall enjoy it very much! Well done!
Maxwell Bernstein review Maxwell Bernstein
I tried it, I had my brain massively dumped over a 45 min time period and was LOVING it, but then got ONE phone call and by the time I got back to the app just 2 minutes later, my BRAIN MAP was totally.........G-O-N-E! !!!!!!#!! !!*!!!!#! F#!$D UP man!!!! NO STARS in my book! I don't have time to WASTE on TRASH! Should be an option to "Auto Save" if I get a PHONE CALL! Duh!!!# STONE PAPER and WATER PROOF INK!! In the end, that's all that will survive anyway!!!!
King H review King H
Connection sucks
Not even pass the sign up
Jan Kruse review Jan Kruse
Great idea
But android app is just horrible. The sync is slow and it can't compete with the desktop browser app in any way
Nguyễn Bình Hưng review Nguyễn Bình Hưng
I love it
It is very interesting....Thank you
yoza wiratama review yoza wiratama
But i cant exit with back button, and i think need user experience improvement when creating or editing mindmap
ebrahim zarghani review ebrahim zarghani
Very expensive
Lauren Townsend review Lauren Townsend
Very expensive
mirayoz review mirayoz
Waste of time
Could not even sign up or sign in. Worse app ever
Havish Pulukuri review Havish Pulukuri
It was very useful for me in the school
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Alex Gourenko review Alex Gourenko
Google account
Please re-do Google authentication with proper android sign in.
Sayth Renshaw review Sayth Renshaw
Notes available everywhere so easy to use and export to word, pdf, PowerPoint and more. Web interface probably better than app.
Bob P Wilson review Bob P Wilson
Lost all my notes
Had many notes and the application lost them. This app has less options than other mind mapping tools available on the GPS. Will be cancelling my subscription.
Art Thai review Art Thai
exactly what I need
Works great also syncs with Web interface
Matthias Käppler review Matthias Käppler
Aggravating UI, desperately needs an undo button