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The Better Together update is here! Explore massive multiplayer servers directly from the game menu and play with friends on all different devices.

Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs.

Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10.

Minecraft APK reviews

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heather breeze review heather breeze
Flip out
I built a 9 story house ( couldn't build it eny further please fix) and it started to glitch and so I restarted my tablet and now all of the work I did Is gone
Lola Ryan review Lola Ryan
No nether and please add....
Add nametags and leashes and horses and rabbits and BTW there is no nether!!!! I tried to create a portal and its correct but then it wouldn't work when I struck it with flint and steel in survival. Fix
jao marcelo review jao marcelo
Excellent !!!
Ok now the only thing is the nethe is so laggy and plss I want REDSTONES TOOLS!
Wren Sythe review Wren Sythe
Great game. Only problem is I bought the game on an old email and now I cannot play itall on mmy new email. I sent an email to the developer, but they wont respond. Would love some help.
Ricardo Duran review Ricardo Duran
Fix the lag and also every time I re spawn I die by falling great game add mi it y player AND THE OLD 1 WAS BETTER PLZ FIX
Sarah Trombo review Sarah Trombo
Like but.......
I luv minecraft so much but the update has caused me to lag a lot on lifeboat and it's still really fun but plz fix the lag and then I will give 5 stars! Still a great app!!! :) ???????????????☺?????????????????????????????????BTW I'm getting kicked for no reason!!! >=0
Wyatt Birt review Wyatt Birt
It is creepy now
This used to be my fav until the update. Yellow glitchy messes pop up all over the screen... Its really creepy. I am very sensitive to stuff like that. Please fix i want to play minecraft again. :'(
Connor Waring review Connor Waring
Very much more amazing then ever!!
0.12.1 was phenominal. To release an update as huge as that so soon after 0.11.0?! All I want to say is, keep up the good work Mojang and Microsoft!
team frost ghost review team frost ghost
Its a brilliant creative game but..
The game its self is extremely good i like the game and enjoy making videos on it but with the new update on minecraft pe is horrific for one the crosshairs are so annoying and need taking out again and the nether is laggy also the textures of the blocks need to go back to the old textures as they looked much better as a block also with building all i can hope is the next update does some of this...
Erin Smyth review Erin Smyth
u must update or i will hate u for ever
Ok you have done yhe ocalot for my update but u havent done the horse now I would like the horse saddle leash and water potmu know the thing that look like a trough so can u pls add these things :););-):-) thanks gor reading and updating for when u do
Wendy Crews review Wendy Crews
It is so addicting.I can't stop playing it,even more so with the new 0.12.0 update.So many new features.I do think,for computer tablets,to have an option to use the keyboard and mouse,and not have to touch the screen with the mouse,but other than that this is my favorite game in the world. Great job,Mojang
Christina Kennedy review Christina Kennedy
Best game ever
This is the best game ever???? They fixed the servers and everything????? best game for everyone 5 and 40 age seriously best game of all
Darren Perry review Darren Perry
But can you add boss mobs and maybye the end?
Morgan Minner review Morgan Minner
Good uptate but wtf
I was playing on my new survival world just this morning! I open minecraft now and all my stuff is gone, all my world's! And I had to reset all my controls! Please fix!!!
Skarlet lover 10 review Skarlet lover 10
Please do another upgrade
The only thing that is annoying me with the new upgrade is on flat animals and other things such as creepers zombies etc could you please make it in the option to have animals and other creature to spon there. But everything else awesome