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Start mining cryptocurrencies on the go! Most promising altcoins, such as Monero and Bytecoin, wallet stats and more. Make a mobile crypto fortune with MinerGate and exchange it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins on our convenient exchange Changelly.com.


    • Make profit from your mobile device
    • Check your devices and balances
    • Chat with other miners at MinerGate
    • Connect to your MinerGate account
    • Withdraw coins from your account
    • Check cryptocurrencies prices
    • Buy and control your Cloud Mining contracts

MinerGate is a service with proven track record in the crypto ecosystem. Miners from all over the world trust our experience and professional approach to pooled mining.
Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you experience any issues with MinerGate Mobile Miner.

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Yas Isaacs review Yas Isaacs
Unable to login & no option to reset password.
Russell stover review Russell stover
This is the first time bit mining and Miner gate makes it painless! Great articles all over the Internet to help you. The only issue is with Android Oreo 8.0 update. System keeps chiming that it is running in the background. HTC U11 unlocked need to have permissions fixed, because this is only cleared when forced close is used. Even if app is idling, it does not stop. Update, tried emailing the developer a couple times over the past few weeks and no response. Not sure if they are that busy, or simple do not answer what maybe considered trivial questions.
Eminent Skillz review Eminent Skillz
So far works great so don't listen to the trolls.. update!! So I'm two weeks in using this app and it work very well if your phone has more than 3 cores of course, the only downfall is that there isn't alot of currencies to choose from like bit cash or light coins.. it has most available on the PC version but extremely limited on the app.. don't go in expecting to earn bitcoins because they charge for that unfortunately. They also take their share when you transfer funds to a wallet which shouldn't cost since you go through all the work! Anyways over all it's the best on the market this far
Steven Kohlmeyer review Steven Kohlmeyer
It'd be nice if the dashboard wasn't so glitchy. Numbers are constantly wrong and disappearing. Also, Android O keeps warning me about how much backgrounds battery usage this app has even after I close it. It'd be nice if it would just close and I wouldn't have to force stop it everytime. Otherwise, extremely easy to use.
Logan Stevens review Logan Stevens
To all who are dissapointed by only getting pennies after mining for hours and give app a 1 star your an idiot! You obviously dont understand cryptocurrencies.
kingbluezback review kingbluezback
Good app
This app is legit all these people saying that it lags crashes and over heats is because its using your cpu to mine those the apps that dont probably don't even work. Mineing on the computer does the same you really can't notice it.
For the first week upon installation, it mined pretty fast, but 2 weeks in and it mined hardly anything. 10 hours of mining and only 200 shares to show, out of which 10% will be bad shares. The actual conversion rates are never shown. Disappointed with its performance 2 weeks in.
JP McPhearson review JP McPhearson
Haha they replied for ticket number when all they did was send auto responses with new ticket number each time. Seek via search for class action if you took a loss due to theft and them ignoring you. It helps to have all your emails. They messed up. Warning through here but soon Google will get the complete notice and they are no longer on play so warn others and don't be a victim....
Bloodragekitty review Bloodragekitty
It's not that good. I can't send it to my bitcoin wallet and every 3 minutes it stops and resets.
LeeTG3 review LeeTG3
I have this running on 2 devices at once, which works fine, but I can't run it on android Oreo, 8.1. I do have a beta version of a custom ROM, but it should make no difference. Oreo not working but overall a good app.
David Woods review David Woods
Works like a charm! Support maybe a little swamped and slow, but dedicated. Thanks for devs timely response, even got my snafu fixed. Thanks Claude!
Nolan DeHart review Nolan DeHart
You won't get your money. They don't pay out in any way if you aren't an absolute EXPERT and techno-wizz with a hugely powerful computer and you have to download many MANY other FULL programs just to get whatever loose change they may allocate to you after spending far more on electricity. DO NOT USE. You will never get anything. Worst of all, somehow your EARNED money, just, Expires! Quickly.
Shannon Goddard review Shannon Goddard
Where can I join a pool...or am I already in a pool just by using the software?
yura stankevich review yura stankevich
This app works . Don't listen to idiots. I mined DSH submitted payout request and it was in my wallet within 15 minutes. Problem is you won't have enough computing power to make any real money . It's not the developers fault it's the nature of Crypto mining today . I ran it on 2 phones and my desktop ( Lenovo server 3.5 GHz) and at 140 h/s ( on average ) managed to mine a quarter of a PENNY in 12 hours. Which was deposited into my Hit BTC account shortly after I made a withdrawal. I don't work for miner gate . GoSkynet.us
Bigot Detector review Bigot Detector
please add bitcoin