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Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 is all about intense multiplayer combat!
Battle with up to 6 players online in this 2D fun cartoon themed cross between Soldat and Halo, inspired on the original stickman shooter Doodle Army.

Key features:
.Online multiplayer with up to 6 players
.Intuitive dual stick shooting controls with jetpack flight
.Over 20 maps to explore
.Wide range of modern and futuristic weapon types
.Offline Survival mode

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Sumit Singh review Sumit Singh
Very nice game I only play this game because if u play other game u become bore after some days but.... but ..... in this game u never bored and in class hour if u become bore with study then play with your friends nd refresh your mind. Love it.. ???. Lastly I want to say that sir please prevent from hackers​ who enters in this game...Please... Please ????
Mini militia Countdown review Mini militia Countdown
It is the best game. But in this latest update, hacker are now much in online matches means quick match. I thought that in quick play no hacker is coming. But your latest update sad me, this update is not so powerful to stop hacker. Many hackers like sniper modded or wall through modded come and kill all of us and we only see him. Man... Why u not take this serious? I pervious gave u full stars but this cause will force me to cut 2 stars. This game is best but fix this.???
I have an idea. Please add one gun or anything like that which when fired like cutter(as in found in catacomb) dont go long just in one shot three or four cutter get fires and after very short distance blows away. This will b very good.
Viraj Mayank review Viraj Mayank
Sir please help us in this game the hacker playing so thats not suitable for us. In online game playing also Hackers take a part and play a game plz do something from which the hackers not allowed to play with real players. Thanks otherwise it is so good game.
ashwin mohan mathew review ashwin mohan mathew
I love the game a lot..It's fun to kill,die and play along a team but the online mode needs some changes.. I get adds while in game and that's too irritating.If exited for a second it fails to run in background.There are a lot of mini militia players..We need more stages,Guns and something need to be done with hack versions for the apps Success...
Casper Slytherin review Casper Slytherin
phone charge:::minimilitia:::phone charge:::::mini miltia:::::phon... dats how i spend my time,,, can u please make/design/execute? some more location?,,,like one with lots of bushes to hide(lol),,, another one with with lots of knives,nah, only knives,, without guns,, that wud b reeally nice!! n one more location wit unlimited gas? kinda like lunarcy,, who wouldnt like that,,,but m just a commentor,,so,, nice game guys,,, friggin awsome,,,???
Shuvojit Biswas review Shuvojit Biswas
Most excited game but problem with restore
I buy the game at first so, as a new user i forgot to log in ..but after log in using my gmail i'm losing pro features.. please fix this..
subramani cr review subramani cr
I am not able to play in survival,quick play and in custom after i updated so please fix the bug please
Mehul Rajput review Mehul Rajput
Very addictive nice to play in lan and wifi
My favourite game very easy and very superb game....hands offffff......
sellakumar vp review sellakumar vp
Gavaskar Raina review Gavaskar Raina
arun m review arun m
The game is very good.. but full of hackers
There r a lot of hackers in the game.. who play with unlimited powers.. I thought of buying the pro pack.. but due to this hackers it really feels that the game is not worth of buying it.... Atleast the Dev should block the quick play or multiplayer option for those who have not logged into it... This might filter the hackers.
shekhar thapa review shekhar thapa
I don't know its the new update or what, but now i can't start the game. Every time I launch this game and press quick play, it pauses after and the game closes itself. Will improve my rating once it will be smooth again. Else mini militia is really a great someone already mentioned, better if we could talk rather than type. It's a very good online based game. Very nice and interesting game but it consumes high data if you play from your mobile data plan.
World India review World India
I mey playing this game from few years, and every time i open it i experience that newness which i experienced at very first time i played this game. Me and my freinds all over India where playing this game together once in week in multiplayer lobby, its fun to play it Allways..! And we hope there is improvement in game day by day cause we where glad to see so many new things in it. And one more thing This is my YouTube channel freinds World India, subscribe, and share with your friends.
Bibash Rai review Bibash Rai
This is a great game but needs some things to be polished. Firstly, I would like it if we could talk instead of chatting in the game as we can get killed while typing. Secondly, new maps and modes once in a while would make it perfect and something to look forward to. All other things are great though. Hope you keep these things in mind and improve the game to be perfect. Player: God Country:Nepal