Minigore 2: Zombies APK

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Minigore 2 is an award-winning action game starring Egoraptor! Dual-stick shooter masterpiece from the creators of Ice Rage, KingHunt and Bike Baron.

You must help John Gore fight his way through sunny lakes, graveyards and freezing plains into a stormy forest. The legendary Metusalem has brought to life murderous chefs, giant lumberjacks, killer penguins, a single moose and the entire undead army of the Cossack General.


- 20 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS featuring guest stars such as Bike Baron, Zombieville USA and Hook Champ!


- MELEE & RANGED combat with over 10 weapons!
- COMPANION & BEAST GAMEPLAY for each playable character
- PROCEDURAL ANIMATION brings zombie reactions to a whole new level
- PROPRIETARY ENGINE capable of showing 150 zombies on the screen at once
- RANDOM PATTERNS guarantee the fights never feel the same
- CINEMATIC LIGHTING that looks great on latest devices!

Minigore 2: Zombies APK reviews

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Jonathan Montgomery review Jonathan Montgomery
This is an awesome game. I looked today and saw an update! I thought you guys abandoned development on this game but I'm happy to see that is not the case! That being said there are general stability updates that need to be done on the Android version of this game. One bug is when you hit home and put the game into the background then you try to bring the app into the foreground again it restarts at the loading screen making it hard to answer a text and get back into the game
whitemintowl review whitemintowl
Best app. But still waiting for the Wormwolf furies level. New characters, make them more often please! AND ONE MORE THING! Cloud save!
Jules Fauvet review Jules Fauvet
I can't watch ads and get my reward reliably with this new ad guy running around, when I reach him it crashes 2/3 times this is annoying
Xinghe Wang review Xinghe Wang
the game will fail if you get the gols angle.
Corey Reed review Corey Reed
Has to be one of my top favourite games. I would prefer others to check this game out. No regrets
Tristan Castillo review Tristan Castillo
How do I save my game progress?
Ethan Hunt review Ethan Hunt
It wasted a lot of time and it has a lot of characters
Heo Kikhano review Heo Kikhano
It's a lovely Game and the advertisement isn't annoying or anything
L Ws review L Ws
with multi-player mode, this game will be great.
The game is not even working
Aaron games and vlogs review Aaron games and vlogs
Anime Videos review Anime Videos
Very good game highly recommend it also please add more stuff
Daniel Ng review Daniel Ng
Loved this game since ages back. Glad the developer has returned!
Simeon Baker review Simeon Baker
Its a fun game and addictive but the big downfall too the game is there dont have leaderboards where you can put your high scores in and compare them too your friends or the world. Without that the game gets very boaring after a while because there is no incentive too keep playing to beat a high score. If that was changed much better game.
Gabriel Orozco review Gabriel Orozco
Best Zombie Game! I have played this game for about 2 years & i still love it. It would be better if you add Multiplayer Mode so you can play with your friends & help each other kill zombies. It just needs some more modifications & make the graphics more better. Thank you.