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Tiaji Twitty review Tiaji Twitty
I love it
I love itthe only thing is that the other 2 minions yu should be able to pay with gs
Donna Dorand review Donna Dorand
It would be better if you make sure you get your tokens when you paid for them. Thinking about deleting if I can't get my tokens.?
King Meez review King Meez
A+, I mean F-
Time flies when you're being despicable.
Abantika Ghosh review Abantika Ghosh
despicable me
it is a very nice and funny game. in other games, it is only allowed to run but this game also allows to complete missions . please download this game! not boring!
Stacie Loyd review Stacie Loyd
Addicted to Minions
I play this game everyday and love it. The bonus missions are super fun. My only complaint would be the cost of the items for the races. Overall it is a super great and addictive game.
Syed Rizvi review Syed Rizvi
Loved it!
It's an awesome game and i love the new multiplayer feature, it's another thing that i keep losing lol.
Brandi Haines review Brandi Haines
I'm getting mad
I love this game however I'm not giving it 5 stars cuz this is the second time I've had over 100,000 bananas n they just disappear now it says I only have 19,000 n I haven't spent them on anything fix it n Ill give it 5 stars!!!!!!!!
Rahul Mohan review Rahul Mohan
WTH have you done with my favourite game.. It was fine before this update.. after the update when I open the game, it keeps on loading for a very long time then it says "NO INTERNET CONNECTION AVAILABLE", that the game needs to download additional files to continue.. How do you think I'm commenting now.? I have a high speed Wi-Fi that works just fine.. Please fix this before I go crazy.. :/
Karin Sessions review Karin Sessions
I love this game. Very entertaining. But since the new update went through the game will not open anymore. Please fix this and I will give you a five star rating again!
emma durham review emma durham
Love it
This game has everything I love being able to race people and to play different missions and then you have special missions where you can win different tools to help you in the game. It's awesome.
Tanya Altman review Tanya Altman
I too couldn't open the game after the update so I Uninstalled then reinstalled now it opens but I had to deal with couple of details to get back to where I was PS do love the game
Holly Horsebrowns review Holly Horsebrowns
Cute game. Lots of levels. Continuous play without having to pay or wait for recharging life.
Tonya Fenton review Tonya Fenton
Won't open after update
Just updated and now after my update I get gameloft screen and then the app crashes I don't want to uninstall because I don't want to lose all of my progress... please fix!
Helen Mperou review Helen Mperou
Level 723, I'm longing for the new levels!! I can't wait!
jessica teal review jessica teal
Love it!
This game has challenges and the minions are so funny. All around great game to play. Uninstalled my temple run!! ;)