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Miracle Match 3
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'Miracles' is a colourful match-3 game based on all-known and loved fairytales. Delve into the world of magic and miracles together with your favorite fayritale heroes and help them solve mind-sharpening puzzles!

Game features:
Colourful locations based on classic fairytales
Thousands of interesting puzzles!
Arcane spells to help you in your quest of puzzle-solving
Beautiful graphics
Fairytale heroes you know and love!
Synchronize your progress with Facebook and get reward for that!
Absolutely Free-to-Play!

Miracle Match 3 APK reviews

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Ann Mowrey-Jean review Ann Mowrey-Jean
Connection error
Unless you sign into a social media you will always get a connection error and the owner of this app can't seem to straighten it out so I uninstalled too many of the games out there to be that much hassle
Kim Zeldon review Kim Zeldon
??. It's getting boring ..no challenge..same thing over and over! ?
Robbin Dengler review Robbin Dengler
Furry feathered fun!
Love the graphics & way tiles get busted. Very satisfying. A few small glitches but we'll worth playing.
Bran Reynolds review Bran Reynolds
Love it
Fun and unique is the best way to describe this game!!
Elaine Matsumoto review Elaine Matsumoto
Among the good ones to play. There are a ton of match 3 games out now and a lot of them are really unimpressive and boring. I think this is one of the better ones. It keeps my attention which I find is hard to do, so this ranks up there with the King games like Candy Crush. Although it's not as evolved, it has a lot to keep your attention and is fun to play for more than an hour. Good graphics and sound. I play it on my tablet and it works well. Good job to the programmers. Keep coming out with more like this!
Dan W. review Dan W.
Cute game!
Good way to pass the time. Not too easy that you quickly get bored but also no so hard that you get frustrated.
Dana Deville review Dana Deville
Thank you for the feed back, your instructions are great except I have a Brand new device with only 2 applications downloaded,  I have uninstalled everything unneeded from my device, there are no issues on my device end, although I will follow your instructions we shall see if the issue is resolved by those means. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!  Sincerely DRMD.
Bunny Dawn review Bunny Dawn
Any GAME that asked you permissions like "allow to make and manage phone calls"....is sketchy enough to deny and uninstall immediately. Why would you feel the need to manage or make phone calls on users phones???????? Nice try.
terri ross review terri ross
Help ! Love this new game. ..but stuck on lvl 201...no purple or gold jewels show up...so I can't do anything ! Anyone know what it do ?
Miss Cadets review Miss Cadets
Liked the game till I logged into Facebook and then logged out bc I didn't want to play online. Lost everything from my acct. Not impressed
tahira mubeen review tahira mubeen
This game is great! But I can't play after 315 lvl ? after using some turns in 315 lvl I can't move any object, only top right corner's option works ? Is that the end of game for me???
Tink007harris Harris review Tink007harris Harris
Fun so much Fun
Love it can't stop playing
Connie Henson review Connie Henson
Match game
Rhonda Dodd review Rhonda Dodd
Love it so far n level 10.
Wanda Phillips review Wanda Phillips
Really like this game so much fun