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Do you love mirror effect in photos? Do you love doing it on your own? If yes, download the free android app Mirror Image Photo Editor on your android device and start running a photo studio at your fingertips.

Mirror Image Photo Editor allows you to create mirror effect in your photos. You can create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeating as well as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editor app. Furthermore you can apply several photo effects and designer photo frames to these mirror photos for making them more attractive.

You can create photo grids and photo collages, Mirror Image Photo Editor provides you a great collage maker tool, which will let you to create beautiful photo collages and photo grids. Just select photos and app will give you hundreds of different collage layout and grid options. Create desired collages and grids.

Select photo from gallery or you can capture a new snap by camera for creating mirror effect,
Use left right mirror, repeat - 4, up down mirror, and reflect 4 reflections: the app will work as an expert photo editor,
50+ unique photo frames and around 40 photo filters,
Move the photo for editing the mirror effect as per direction,
Randomly apply mirror effect (reflection), filter effect, as well as you can add photo frame for creating a designer photo effects.

Share the square photo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Photo editor for brightness, contrast, tint, warmth, saturation, and auto color and auto contrast.
Mirror Image Photo Editor is everything that you would expect from a comprehensive photo editor.
15 Mirror Effect
Multiple image ratio, create square photos.
Contrast, Warmth, Brightness, Tint and Saturation editing tools
37 unique effects and filters
Auto color
Auto contrast.
Create photo grids and photo collages.
Hundreds of collage and grid layouts.
Tens of borders and frames
Vignette filters
301 stickers and clip arts
Add text and captions.

Mirror Image - Photo Editor APK reviews

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Desmond Junior review Desmond Junior
Cool app
It beautifies the image and if done wrongly still makes a weird and funny image, I like it
Girija Agrawal review Girija Agrawal
Gud app
Nice app but because of mirror is bound I can't use it more
Jackie Cruz review Jackie Cruz
I thought this sh*t wouldn't work but it actually does you just need time to find how it works?
Neeladri Ghosh review Neeladri Ghosh
One of d best Apps.
I am loving it.it is d best apps.I wid luv 2hav some more variety of dis app & also pip.
Ranjitha Ranjit review Ranjitha Ranjit
App is great!!!!!!
I loved this app!!!! It is soo cool and fun. Awesome!!!! DOWNLOAD IT
Dyann Dorgan review Dyann Dorgan
Fun,but could be so much better
Having ton of fun playing.Some effects super cool,but should b able to layer, move,change size,opacity,intensity like stickers on most pic editors,then lights/stars,etc, would b where u want them,not covering all.mirrors great,but wish u could flip sections independent,so if water pic,flip hf mirror so now reflected in water,or twins on bed toe to head,flip image THEN mirror,etc.also reg effects editor needs work(color,light,temp),luv bunch of pics on in between image b4 u hit save(color better,crisper).lol
rekha krishna review rekha krishna
It's really nice app. By using this app, u can see urself very beautiful. ..
Viviana Hernandez review Viviana Hernandez
I love it
I love it so much is perfect it made my picture even more awesome its great.****♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
Wali Raazi review Wali Raazi
This is a very good software.
It needs improvement in many aspects. Sending an image from desktop or from a folder should be made possible.
kalotika sherisky review kalotika sherisky
Tis kull
I realli lyk dis alot..it hlps ne create more tins here..luv it
subhash chakka review subhash chakka
Very useful app
It's a fantastic app to edit your images.. The customizations are just awesome. I loved this app.. Kudos to developer...
TeNyah Patterson review TeNyah Patterson
But like u have to figeure it out by your self and stuff but its okay or w.e✊?❕?????
Mzlover ofmusic review Mzlover ofmusic
The best thus far!
I've had several collage apps but have deleted them.
Barbara Stone review Barbara Stone
i installed but cant get it to open so i can start working wit it
Brian Pakkies review Brian Pakkies
Not bad
Well from ma experience its lekker maybe they should add up some features to improve it