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MLB 9 Innings Manager
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Assemble your championship team in MLB 9 Innings Manager! As the architect of an MLB franchise, use your baseball know-how to pick the best players that will guide your team to victory. This is baseball management simulation with a fantasy sports twist!

Collect all of your favorite MLB players. Open packs early and often so you always have the hottest players in your active roster.

In LIVE Mode, your players' performance is based off their real life stats. Just like in fantasy baseball, you're tasked with starting the team that will yield the most points on any given day.

Draft, trade, and scour the free agent market in GM (General Manager) Mode, where you'll be at the helm of an MLB franchise. With the freedom to develop your team's playstyle and identity, you're the one calling the shots.

In MLB 9 Innings Manager, get closer to the game than ever before!

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* MLB 9Innings Manager is the new version of the game previously known as 9 Innings Manager.
* Requires internet connection to play. There will be an additional resource download when launched for the first time.
* This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items. Please note that some purchases may not be refundable.
* Available in 한국어, Engilsh, 日本語, 中文繁體.
* Minimum Requirement
Runs on any device that has at least 1 GB memory.
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MLB 9 Innings Manager APK reviews

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Max West review Max West
Crashes everytime
Wish I could play old game till this one works. Downloaded game and it crashes everytime I try to start it up. Bring back old game while this issue gets fixed or i may not come back at all.
Korey Cabral review Korey Cabral
Accessing phone calls
Open the game and the first thing it says is to participate in events it needs access to phone identification. Click next and it asks for the app to be able to manage and make phone calls.
Ayinel Patterson review Ayinel Patterson
Doesn't work
It doesnt work android phones for sone reason.... plz fix i really like game- Android Kyrocera Event
Chris Blotzke review Chris Blotzke
The game crashes almost immediately. Samsung Galaxy S3
Ryan Gaming review Ryan Gaming
Cant open it :(
It stopped working when i open the app
Dave Copeland review Dave Copeland
Incredibly Dissapointing
Does not open! Can not go back to previous version. Money and entertainment lost. This may be a deal breaker
Phil Cap review Phil Cap
Needs lots of improvements
To start, need to add the ability to substitute players in game mode. Noticed no pinch hitter change when a pitcher is coming to bat. Second, no choice to substitute a pinch hitter, player or pitcher in game mode. Sometimes its good to sub players during the game. Third, instead of releasing player from permanently, why not deactivate him to activate another player and able to reactivate him at a later time during the season. Fourth, able to buy players from a specific team at different prices according to their abilities instead of being viable, etc. Many more observations but not enough room to mention.
Sean Goodwin review Sean Goodwin
Great game.......but
I love this game and the concept. Just think that the LP could be increased for games and decreased for recovering. Also, I think the scouting could cost less and increase the rare players drops a little bit. Maybe add or increase platnuim drops or adds in some way. Overall, I love this game. Just a few request I had in mine. Keep up the good work.
Taro Kimura review Taro Kimura
Could be better
great UI but game lacks any form of strategy. Cant do anything during in- game other then watch or skip. needs in game coaching capabilities on both batting and pitching side (eg. bunt, steal base, pinch hit, intentional walk, defense shift) unbelievably simple and gets boring in 10 minutes. If there was a deeper level of strategy that could be implemented into the games then this would be a really good game. such a shame
Chris Mladineo review Chris Mladineo
Releasing players is absent
I have recruited much better players, but am not able to add them to my team as it won't let me release current players. I am frustrated and really close to uninstalling this, and an auto-generated reply isn't going to appease me in the slightest; I would just like to know how to fix this. If this problem is fixed, so will the rating
They Do The Small Things Horribly
Good game but they screw up everything around it. If you bid of FAs and lose they take a cut...if you sell a FA you get less than the amount the winning bid paid...they take a cut...You need platinum players but they're mostly innacessable and when they are they cost so much AP (money) you can't buy them. Worse when you trade for one they ask for 3 or 4 times the amount of AP than if you'd bought one in FA plus 4 of your players. To win games you must have players from your favorite team or they suck.
Joe Swessel review Joe Swessel
I've been playing this game for a decent amount of time and was great at the beginning but gm mode ruins the game after the first few seasons, because I have a great team I'd like to think and Instead of having a good challenge yet an attainable goal it's impossible to win any games! when going against a team with all franchise players with every star imaginable each players grade over 100 and here I'm stuck not being able to grow my team at all and on a 25 game losing I'll try live mode but gm mode is horrible
Jonathan Garcia review Jonathan Garcia
How does my mostly platinum and Gold team lose to an all silver team? Fix this please. I cant win any games
Matthew Thivavarnvong review Matthew Thivavarnvong
Quite unclear
I can't describe the game, the way it works was quite unclear. Quite good system but every time I tried to move the the previous page I'm in I need to go to the back title page. Please change this.
Eric Lee review Eric Lee
A team with all legwnd players will lose EVERY TIME to an all silver player team. Also, the trade is pretty messed up. You will trade 2 legend players that are over 78 and 2 gold that are over 75 and you still have to pay 500000 to make the trade work.