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MLiveU : Hot Live Show
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>>> MLiveU : Infinite fun with your pals <<<
Experience a new entertainment and live streaming platform which bountiful cute boys, girls, and net idols waiting to enjoy with you. All users can live stream showing their talents, including singing, dancing, or chatting with viewers in real time via smartphone all the time.

- Live Anywhere at any time
- Create your own Guild and go live together
- Reward Gift and Jackpot that can surprise you!
- Bonus Rain – “Red packet”, the special gift the everyone in room can enjoy together
- Super Star & Net idol – Follow your favorite VJs or be followed by your fans
- Be Yourself – You can sing, dance, play, or do anything you like
- Join and chat together – Meet new friends and enjoy with them
- Lots of Event for all stars awaiting you
- Earn your own income, just exchange your gifts
- Become a professional VJ, gain more income by upgrading star
- Entertainment Program – Special live streams from idols

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Thank you for fix the login issue, i can login again.
deo piero review deo piero
Dont have ch 18+ like camfrog !!!
Farhan Khan review Farhan Khan
please ubdate not play live
zulmasri caniago review zulmasri caniago
My gender is wrong. How to change? I cant touch anything. I cant follow anybody. Touch button not respond
mekimeki mek review mekimeki mek
Why MLive always auto open after restart??? Please give option auto start can off. And my gender change itself from male to female, and I can not change it.
Tawau Boyz review Tawau Boyz
Can't launch apps
Why today can't launch apps.....totally sucks
Bruce Fan review Bruce Fan
Why my gender is female ? And I got no chance to change it? WTF!
Rossi Anggraini review Rossi Anggraini
Cuba dulu
noob gg review noob gg
Do not create a band
shereef farshana review shereef farshana
Wow amazing
Sornpetch Thongnam review Sornpetch Thongnam
จะครบคูปองฟรีสอง ชม ทีไร แอพเด้งตลอด นี่คือ bug หรือตั้งใจทำครับ
Not fun anymore... Still got a lot gift credit but most of live host boring.. so boring..
Upto Best review Upto Best
Its not good app waste of time pleas dont download bkwas app in the word
Amin Bulu999 review Amin Bulu999
Pls block your block VC system..FCUK..
Michael Thomas review Michael Thomas
Non English platform