Mmm Fingers APK

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How long can you protect your fingers from the hungry monsters?!

Mmm Fingers is a fun, single touch high score game oozing with charm from the creators of Small Fry and Flappy Golf. Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. Don’t lift your finger or hit anything with teeth or else CHOMP, it is game over. Compete against your friends using in game leaderboards to see who can survive the longest.

- Leaderboards and Achievements
- One Touch Control Scheme
- No In App Purchases

Mmm Fingers APK reviews

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Sandeep Nargas review Sandeep Nargas
Highly cute, funny, chompy and munchy fun this game is!!??? Its pretty addictive and challenging and sometimes difficult too?.
Joby Raphel review Joby Raphel
I just like it I have been playing it for 3 years . Just there one problem that I can't see the achievements. Please do something with it. I hope you will surely help your most favorite player Anthonis
Noni Bautista review Noni Bautista
Gosh i accidentally deleted the game and my high score was 1, 000. Once i redownloaded the app, the game kept lagging a lot. I cant play as well now so i will delete this game now.
tazwar utshas review tazwar utshas
I think it's good. But, I have scored 500+ for more than 11 times, still can't complete the achievement called "silver start" ?
Daniel Dillon review Daniel Dillon
I think it is an awesome game. The only thing that irritates me is the constant spamming of inappropriate adds
Rishit Shah review Rishit Shah
You would be surprised but I'm playing this game from 1year and this surprising news is my high score is 4677.. is there anybody who can challenge it? It would be fun!
Manisha Patel review Manisha Patel
The game is very much fun. The problem is the ads popping in between. Also, after every game the ask to rate their app.
A Google user review A Google user
Its a good pick up and play game that doesnt take much thought or skill really. Great for breaks between work at school.
Gabe Lopez review Gabe Lopez
Prerty fun and challenging. Only a few hazards but doesn't feel repetitive
Anna Cohen review Anna Cohen
This is an awesome game, the only bad thing is sometimes I'll die even though I didn't touch the teeth. (My three year old niece also loves this game) :)
A Google user review A Google user
Amazing game! I play everyday trying to beat my high score or go up on the leaderboard. So addictive! I would definitely get the app! 5 stars...
Bahauddin Hossain review Bahauddin Hossain
After playing some big games like GTA San andreas, Asphalt 8, Gangster New Orleans and I bored and I play this game this game is so addictive I rate it 5stars
Lindsey Edwards review Lindsey Edwards
So infuriating! But so fun. It's a simple game but it's so hard, lol.
Saber Naeemi review Saber Naeemi
Too much annoying ads. The first levels should be a little easier.
elithenica review elithenica
Very addictive and challenging. It makes me scream whenever a nonster woyld bit my finger!!!!