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MMX Hill Dash
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100s of race challenges - the most addictive & FUN physics based driving game!

Race to the finish line over a multitude of racing tracks with hazards, hill climbs, jumps, loops, bridges and ramps in this crazy MMX racing game.

With top physics, fun crash scenarios, and challenging gameplay, you won’t be able to stop playing!

• Complete challenging racing trials
• Upgrade your trucks
• Race your friends in 4WD race offs
• Climb to the top and be the best MMX driver ever
• A truck load of custom upgrades, tracks and hard courses
• Loads of top trucks to race

- Upgrades! Speed, Grip, Stability and Air Tilt
- Racing Tracks! City, Desert, Snow, Volcano, Big Air
- Trucks! The Micro, The Monster, The Classic, The Buggy, The Big Rig, The APC, The Tank, The JoyRider, The Bouncer, The LowRider, The Trophy Truck, The Racer, The Beast

MMX Hill Dash is the explosive follow up to the massively successful MMX Racing.
Download for FREE today and start playing!

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MMX Hill Dash APK reviews

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Greg Knight review Greg Knight
Awesome game
Anas Pm review Anas Pm
Nice and lovely
A Google user review A Google user
it's cool
Eslam Hassan review Eslam Hassan
Endless loading ....
That's a 3 stars only to my favorite game cause it is not able to launch since that last update which ruined it
Wouter Nieuwoudt review Wouter Nieuwoudt
Since the last update, all my data is gone. I have none off my vehicles, unlocked tracks or collected coins. All my times are gone. Not sure what you did, but it messed up my game.
Ricky Panggam review Ricky Panggam
Max review Max
Great game!!! But seems to run at low performance on my extremely high end device.
Jason Hawkins review Jason Hawkins
Michael Kenny review Michael Kenny
EDIT: I love this game, period. Not only is the gameplay fun and visuals appealing, but the devs are so active. I left a review here forever ago about an issue I was having. It was something that already had a solution, just not blatantly apparent. Not only did they change some displays so even bozos like me could figure things out, but this morning I find that they PERSONALLY replied to my comment here. Do you know how many bajillions of comments are on here? I always write comments like somebody would read them one day, but I never thought that the creators actually WOULD. Feels good man. PS, it hasn't happened yet, but I WILL beat snow marathon in the micro. I freaking will.
SliteLeeSykotic review SliteLeeSykotic
ADS ADS ADS ADSSSHDGDGDUVEKSBDIV Annoyed that you can't finish a level? Keep trying! And after every 2 infuriating attempts you get a 30 second ad that you have to sit through in order to try 300 more times to finally level up your truck enough to meet the ridiculous time requirements to move on in this game. Great game if you hate yourself 10/10 would recommend
twinsun 962 review twinsun 962
Addictive. This Game has great graphics and plays pretty well. Great time killer. Really my only complaint is that it doesn't reword you for front flips, air time, etc... overall a great game. There are also no spamming/pop up ads.
Matthew Larochelle review Matthew Larochelle
Omg love this game!
Great game
Jamie Hunter review Jamie Hunter
Great game. Good fun and addictive. For those complaining about the ads, when ad starts, minimise the game, open up again and press the Back button. Gets rid in seconds.
Kaeden Ewing review Kaeden Ewing
Dj Sin review Dj Sin
Needs work
Love this game. I've already put in over 9 hrs on it. However I will give five stars if you can make a more sophisticated tilt system rather than just the gas or brake button. Off-road legends has this tilt system mastered but they lack the smooth details and graphics. Also make gold easier to acquire. I'm stuck and can't progress any further, my vehicles are maxed out yet I'm still to slow to meet the free car requirements. You guys are awesome but please fix this.