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THIS IS IT! Your chance to create a fire-breathing Monster Truck and race it head-to-head over spectacular jump filled courses. Experience benchmark graphics, physics and adrenaline-filled excitement in MMX Racing, the must-have racing title of 2015.

SCREEN-BUSTING TRUCKS If we made the trucks any bigger, they wouldn’t fit in!

NERVE-SHREDDING RACES Blank out your opponent, nail your start and focus on the finish line. It’s going to be tight!

UNIQUE GAMEPLAY No gear-changes in sight! Launch your truck over huge jumps, timing your throttle action to perfection to stop things getting out-of-control.

MONSTERIZE Pickup, muscle car, jeep or SUV...Upgrade and customise every aspect of your chosen ride. Turn it into the Monster you know it wants to be.

RIVAL CRUSHING 10 different events, 30 challenging tracks and THOUSANDS of opponents in your way. Can you rise through the MMX ranks and reign supreme?

Enough reading! Download now and join the BIGGEST racing scene on the Google Play Store.

MMX Racing APK reviews

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Paul ure review Paul ure
Good game great to pass the time.
This game looks and plays really good. Passes the time I wish there were more tickets so I didn't have to wait for them to refresh. You get 10 tickets (ten races) then have to wait for them to build up again. Otherwise it's a really good game.
hubfootball17 review hubfootball17
Addicting game. Fun game. Until for some reason it reset itself and I lost EVERYTHING. a month's worth of building my stable with 3 classes of maxed out trucks. No update to the game, No update to my phone. No changing of device nothing like that. Just logged in and poof. So if you like wasting your time and get nothing to show for it, Well here's an app for you
Casey Blair review Casey Blair
Uses Too Much Data
I love the game and would rate it 5 stars except there are ads every other race. Normally I can deal with that because it's free but I've never had a game use up so much of my data. I talking about playing the game a total of 2-3 hours out of the day and it uses over 500 mbs. That is just insane. So make sure you are connected to WiFi or have unlimited data if you're addicted to the game like I am.
Vince Donato review Vince Donato
Just downloaded your game, and I'm loving it!
Excellent graphics & gameplay! Just hope you can give us more tickets to play the game offline. None the less, I'm having a blast playing your game! Hoping for cooler monster trucks on your next update. Thanks for the game!
Frank Barnard review Frank Barnard
Dont download. This was a decent game i worked (with the glitches) my way to level 28, and now it wont even load. This game is a load and a waste of time. Uninstalling and putting it on facebook as junk. Do yourselves a favor dont waste your time.
Brice Sang review Brice Sang
Fun at first
But then freezes whenever you try time redeem your free tickets by watching a video. Takes that ability away. Just steers you to spend money. Don't waste your time.
Robert Meleski review Robert Meleski
Yep spent money got all the way to 16th in multiplayer go to get back in after the update.. lost my money lost my truck lost my spot and have to start over.. not happy at all would do five stars if fixed and reinversed or somethin
John Carlo Gamboa review John Carlo Gamboa
Shame on you guys. I am already at 30% elite and now i log in and im in general rank 30. Whoa!!! I spend real cash to play this. And all i get is this??? Are youguys serious!
Bharat Krishnan review Bharat Krishnan
Really good game. I liked the fact that its not ridden by annoying ads. Watching an ad for a ticket seems like the best way to go about making money as well as delivering a all-rounded game. 5 stars! Make more games like these guys!
Larry Williamson review Larry Williamson
Accused of cheating.
Can't access multiplayer after being accused of cheating. I have no way to prove it's not true, and they don't give a hoot. That's ok, there are other games to play.
Jenna Owens review Jenna Owens
I absolutely love the game and I'm completely addicted but when it gives you the option to watch videos for certain things the game demos never work for me or my husband. It gets frustrating having to close out of the game and wait for it to reload since you never know what video you're going to get.
James Wardle review James Wardle
What the hell?!! This game is very fun, but it crashed right before a race. I restarted and everything I've done is gone. I reinstalled and still, nothing. Very VERY disappointing. Edit: came back after going through all the paces again of starting over. Still not cool
Mike Greveling review Mike Greveling
Has moments for fun but it takes so long to upgrade one thing once that you end up for days on one of 3 tracks over and over and over again. Then the one upgrade and back to the same race over and over and over again. Gets brutally boring. One upgrade can cost 55k and each race you earn 3k...same tracks over and over. Ugg...yup...boring.
Jason Hooker review Jason Hooker
I had no idea that I would like this kind of game, but I installed it after a friend invited me and now I can't get enough of it. Huge bonus... No need to spend any money to have a blast!
Taylor tomaso review Taylor tomaso
The game itself is good. Extremely laggy and glitchy that it's annoying, I constantly have to close and reopen the game cuz its gets stuck, and unresponsive sometimes when trying to click on things