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Karan Kumar review Karan Kumar
cant join or create teams
i cant create or join any team its saying contact support
Robbie Slagle review Robbie Slagle
What the heck
The game is cool love playing it but im at level 28 and its having a problem loading. FIX THE RELOADING ISSUE THIS SUCKS
Joshua Turner review Joshua Turner
This Game
I play this game all the time and I have made it very far but I sick of playing it due to how unfair it has become. I am talking about more then one thing. 1st of all the special islands they offer new monsters. If you want to buy gems and lots of them. They never give you enough of the Item that you need to collect no matter how often you preform the required task. 2nd of all i have never been able to breed a legendary monster and i have both breeding habitats and they never stop breeding. (1of 2)
Amanda Gill review Amanda Gill
Where is my team?
The update messed everything up. I can't find my team, and we were in the middle of a war. What gives?
Emanuel Stepper review Emanuel Stepper
Went from Not Bad,Too this s#¡% is [email protected]
I was just looking 4 a Pocket Pet. Then the concept had grown on me. Inmerst, messing up my sleep. Missing a date. This isn't no lie.;D
Ninalizia Gayles review Ninalizia Gayles
Chat system needs to be fixed!!!
The game was perfectly fine without the chat! Now that there is a chat box ignorant people talk inappropriately. It's disgusting and ridiculous! PLEASE put in a report button to prevent/stop inappropriate chatting!
Heather Tischer review Heather Tischer
Since socialpoint won't reply to my numerous inquiries about game crashing I must post here. Constantly getting monsters not responding and prompts to fill out report. No reply back from them. I spend alot of money purchasing gems to enhance my game play. I'm extremely livid! Now they have team wars of which I I have my own team fraughaus and after battling I get an "unexpected error" message from socialpoint. Due to this I lost all my war coins even though I won the battle. Don't waste your time on this!
Cloud Brack review Cloud Brack
New team war has very irritating bugs
I really like game BUT BUGGY. Team Wars tends to crash which = loss despite utter victory. However attack is used up. This happens sometimes after GEMS USED for Recovery.. Globat Chat is VERY spammed with no Mute or Report functions. Repeat paying customer getting tired of this.
caroline sutton review caroline sutton
fix it!
since this morning not loading , giving error! please fix! looking battles because of this
backstabyou93 review backstabyou93
Fked up customer service
Have never seen socialpoint answering any of our question regarding the bugs in game.
rheman belim review rheman belim
Something is not working fine
This discription can show every internet connection is perfect but it can show this message the other games are playing better. But this shows something not working fine
Dennis Dawkins review Dennis Dawkins
Everything was great auto lose a match in War if the game disconnects EVEN IF YOU KILLED EVERY MONSTER BEFORE THE GAME GLITCH 3 TIMES NOW! 3! FIIIX IT
shaheer ansari review shaheer ansari
When I start the game it automatically closes after some time because of this I lost my 12 monster coin in war plz do something I like this game a lot and I will give 5 star if you fix this problem
Roelf Van Heerden review Roelf Van Heerden
Had enough
Brandon Clarke review Brandon Clarke
9-17-15 unplayable due to crashes
8-2-15. The game still crashes. I lose my action point but it crashes b4 i get credit for my victories. Infuriating. This game would be great, but it constantly crashes at random times. It just cuts out n sends me to my home phone screen. Not in the typical unresponsive App fashion either. Kinda like someone just hit a switch, then poof! I've spent gems, items, etc.. during fights n lose it all. If they would fix the crashes this would be a great game.