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Lead your Monster Legends into arena battles in this fighting game. Breed, feed, and train Legendary and Epic monsters – even the brand new Mythics! Build your fighting force and face the ultimate challenge: real-time battles against other Monster Masters.

Collect monsters, choose different sets of skills, and boost your strategy in action-packed battles. Start by building a world for your monsters to live, fill it with habitats, and breed new species!

If you’re a true Monster Master, you’ll love fighting in Team Wars, where you’ll be able to join other players in the game and win magnificent rewards.

🔥 Collect over 700 monsters: New monsters are added to the game every week.
🔥 Breed monsters of different elements and rarities to create cool new species.
🔥 Obtain incredible monsters of all types in the game’s limited-time events.
🔥 Get ready to master the strongest rarity ever discovered, the new Mythic monsters.

🆙 Level up your monsters for the battles ahead and rank them up in the Monster Lab to break their limits.
🆙 Boost your monsters’ powers with Runes and equip them with valuable Relics to gain advantages in battle.
🆙 Set your monster teams combining attackers, tanks, and control monsters.

⚔️ In Live Duels, you don’t need to own monsters to create your dream team and duel against another Monster Master.
⚔️ Fight PvP battles in the Multiplayer Mode each season for trophies, rewards, and a chance to reach the Top Leagues.
⚔️ Join a team, build a strategy in the Team Chat, fight in Team Wars, and obtain exclusive monsters from the Team Shop.
⚔️ Challenge your teammates and friends in Friendly Live Battles, a real-time battle mode.

🧰 Build a Monster Paradise with everything you need: A Breeding Mountain, Habitats, Temples, and more!
🧰 Unlock special buildings in the islands, like the Library, the Ultra Breeding Tree, the Temples of the Guardians, and the Monster Lab.

Are you skillful enough to fight for your chance to become the #1 Monster Master in the world?

Join your friends and connect with a Monster Community of over 60 million players:

Monster Legends is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-game items with real money. If you wish to disable this, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

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Take my gem and never give maze coin
I tried to get more maze coin using gem to spin the wheel after I won the pvp battle, but after i quit turning, the maze coin which i collected appear much lesser. Please give back it, if not I will continue rating it as one star.
Bishal Pun review Bishal Pun
Can't open maze island.. Please fix it n feedback me
There seems to be problem in loading maze island . It's been 3 days I'm unable to open. My internet connection is so fine still do not open. Where is the link that I can complaint my troubles having in the game. There is no response
rick james review rick james
I love this game, play it almost everyday, but it hasent let me on the past two days! It will load, and then once it loads all the way I see my habitits and farms for a second and then it takes me right back to my home screen. I updated it, I've turned my phone off, idk what else to do though. Please fix this.
Matt Osmond review Matt Osmond
I love this!
I've been playing this game for over a month now, and so far I love it! Most of my time I spend on my phone is so I could play this, even with Pokémon Go out. The only problem I'm having with this is monster wood. I have done multiple tasks to get gems, but I haven't gotten a single gem for doing any of them, and ticks me off. Please fix this.
Dteah lord Dteah lord review Dteah lord Dteah lord
I LOVE IT but...
I had soo much but then my phone broke and I'm using my second phone so can you let me get all of my stuff back and I will tell all of my friends about this game my broken phone name in monster legends KING OF ALL THE MONSTERS and I didn't get my new name yet I will when I get it it will be death lord 1232
Michael Johnson review Michael Johnson
This could be one of the best mobile games I have played, but
There have been numorous times I have been in the middle of a PvP battle, dungeon, and roulette when the app force closes on me, causing me to lose stamina, trophies, and potential prizes. Several times a day I am asked to rate the game even after I already have. And Monsterwood has basically a 50/50 chance of working. Please fix these issues and I will be more than happy to give 5 stars. Thank you.
Joseph Banks review Joseph Banks
Great game, I played clash of clans for years, and just recently stopped. I love games like these and from stopping clash of clans this game has been very fun. Even though you have to wait a while for things to build, eggs to hatch, etc. There are tonnss of stuff to do. Also these people offer great deals on stuff that you can spend real money on, but they aren't pushy and give you plenty of opportunities to progress and get very strong, completely in game
IamASmilzzz zz review IamASmilzzz zz
@SocialPoint i cant get in my account cuz i accidentally deleted the game but i downloaded it again and it conected to google play games but i cant get in my acc. Please help!
F1ngolfin 2005 review F1ngolfin 2005
This game isn't one that is aimed at just boys or just girls but for both. The baby monsters are cute and the adults strong looking. The only problem is is that for example: I bread water and ground about 15 times and every time got one of those uncommon slug things
Arshad Kureshi review Arshad Kureshi
Awesome Game!
Everything is very good in this game, however some improvements could be made. It would be better if you were able to change your own team's name and your own after you set it the first time. Could we also have more stamina for our monsters to fight with? Maybe 5 or 6? And can you please check the circumstances before automatically banning someone. A group of people were reporting everyone, despite the fact they did nothing wrong, including myself, Amaan432. Can you please address the reporting before setting an automatic ban. Please take this into account, Socialpoint! Besides that, I love the game and enjoy it very much. Thank you!
JaeCarr G. review JaeCarr G.
I like the game but since the update, game has been slow loading and very baggy. Can you please fix it.
Matt Green review Matt Green
Amazing game, almost level 50, but one thing I wish you could add is a higher habitat for every monster. So, for example, they go to 8. If you get four and combine them together, you can go to level 16 and make more gold and have one habitat with 8 monsters instead of 4. Or something similar to that. It would be really helpful for pwople with tons od monster habitats!!
Ian Rogers review Ian Rogers
Was tempted to buy the Valentine's chest sadly when I went to sleep as it was 5 am I went to log in today the offer was still available however the chest was no longer in the shop. I'd love to give a better review but this is a problem it has 24 hours in the shop still. Please do something
Clark Huff review Clark Huff
Love it but
I had almost 200 gems then I accidentally clicked instant finish and used 96 gems. It doesn't like verify if that's what you wanna do so now I only have 50 gems. That's bs. Probably do it on purpose for that reason, so people will be forced to spend money on gems if they do what I did.
Matthew Terry review Matthew Terry
It is a good game and fun to play. But you need patience to play it.

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