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Collect, Evolve and Battle in Monster Squad


• Embark on an exciting adventure with your Monster Squad all while battling various enemies along the way.
• Find and unlock new powerful monsters and journey with them across various dangerous, yet mystifying, islands!

• During your journeys amass an expansive collection of more than 500 monsters.
• Monsters have different attributes: Fire, Water, Earth, and Neutral.

• Boost your Monsters to power up your stats!
• Evolve or Fuse them to unlock new, exciting, stronger monsters.

• Take your Monsters to the Arena and go head-to-head against your friends!
• Earn weekly rewards and more all while claiming your place on the leaderboards.

• Mix and match Monsters to make the best team possible!
• Find the best combination of team effects and bonuses to ensure victory on the battlefield.

• Enjoy Monster Squad on tablets to enhance your experience with high quality graphics.
• Experience awesome skill effects and unique animations of your monster squad on bigger screen!

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Monster Squad APK reviews

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Freddierick Andrade review Freddierick Andrade
Good Game
Pro's: Good & Fun game. Not so Pay to Win afaik (paying only give you more advantage to get good monsters). Developers is generous enough that they give daily, weekly & monthly freebies. Good Costumer Service. Con's: Full of login errors especially on google plus so you need to register/link you're account on Facebook prevent this issues. No unlink account option for Facebook.
Bly Nysho review Bly Nysho
Very often crash issue. Please fix soon
This game is without a doubt fun, nice looking, and has great music and cool looking monsters. The only issues im having that it seems to forget me being signed in each time I open it and wants me to sign in again which i dont seem to have to do, and more importantly, it keeps crashing. Running fine but already within my first hour of playing it has crashed at least 10 times for no apparent reason. This really needs fixed as soon as possible to make playing it more enjoyable
Wolf Wind review Wolf Wind
Fun but not the besy
Its a pretty good game. Is great if you have time to spare but it just misses out on that fifth star because no matter how many times I try I can't evolve my pheona even when I had all the things I needed. Also got error S500 and I no idea what to do about it
Tim Douglas review Tim Douglas
Having login problems .
Chelcey Smith review Chelcey Smith
Love This Game but....
I love this game. Lots of fun. I like that you don't have to wait for hours for energy to refill and that there are lots if different types of environments (arena, campaign, specials, events, towers...etc). The only problem I have is that it sometimes just closes and now on two different days , I've gotten a "Google token cert error" and it won't pull up my account, instead asking me to make a new one. It sometimes takes a day or two before I can log in again, despite basic troubleshooting. PLEASE fix this!
Matthew Patterson review Matthew Patterson
Very upset
Used 30 gyms on a egg and got a 5 star white dragon went to team so I can use him now I've lost all interest in playing after that please fix this I'd of been happy to buy stater pack and give 5 stars before that happened
laren fulgencio review laren fulgencio
amazing game !!
fun and addicting !! the only thing that concerns me is that if you dont have any hardwork and patience in yourself.. then you might end up losing in to this game.. because fusing and especially EVOLVING takes a lot of time and effort to achieve if ur not pay to play gamer. Well that was only based on my own experience coz im a free to play gamer .. but all in all "two thumbs up in this game!!" ^_^
Aaron Hancock review Aaron Hancock
Amazing Game!
I love all the game play was a bit confusing at first but when you get the hang of it its a really good game. I also like how you can talk online with your friends. I recommend getting it. You can get hours of fun out of it because it is so addicting. I hope you get back to me. Keep up the good work and produce more great games.
Troy Pitts review Troy Pitts
Best ever
Best game I have ever played like this it's better than monster leans
Caleb Crawl review Caleb Crawl
This is,a really good game and I love how u can evolve and fuse different monster except the game constantly crashes. Please fix this so I can still play the game.the other thing is that ive been playing on the tap to start account and so i tried to connect it to another device through facebook but it started a new game and i cant finish the tutorial because it keeps crashing.if you could get my old account back and stop the crashing this would be a 5 star..
Claire Tilja review Claire Tilja
It's just wow!
Good graphics,lots of fun and a cool backstory.
Kagura Sin review Kagura Sin
Love the game, hate the lag
Love to play this game and for the first few days it ran smoothly, but when I loaded it today, all it does is lag and has essentially become unplayable. I already tried to uninstall and reinstall this app, but the problem persists. Please correct the issues your last "bug fix" update has done to this game for my Android device so I can keep playing it. :/
Hittman Kurve review Hittman Kurve
Great game with a few glitches. I referred it to three people all whom can't recieve gems as I can't recieve them from time to time. Super addictive but sucks when you don't get what's promised to you for your hard work. With that being said nothings perfect in life and this games truly great. I started playing it and haven't put it down since. Great way to kill time and enjoy yourself. Graphics are stunning and equally as good as the gameplay.
Jimi Dean review Jimi Dean
Latest update ruined a good game
Since the latest update the game constantly freezes, skips, lags, crashes, you name it. Everything was perfect until this update and now I can't even play because it seems like I need 40gig of RAM just to open it smoothly.
Erik Chavez review Erik Chavez
Please fix freezing issue
After the new update it's keeps freezing and now I hardly win in sky island or in the arena. And because of this I was suspected of speed hacks. Visualized having your team be silenced for like 5 seconds. Other then that this game is fun and a great way to kill time. Device HTC A9