Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D APK

Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D
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Forget about comfortable driving!

Drive as a professional rally driver in our game. Jump to the cabin of monster truck, be in time and don't underestimate the 4x4 truck. Drive it and complete all missions in Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D. If you aren't rally driver, you can drive a truck in the Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D. Try the driving across offroad terrain and enjoy the atmosphere. Drive fast, don't lose the control of your truck during the rally. Feel like an offroad SUV driver with our driving game! Drive truck from one rally location to another.

Features of Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D:

- Offroad monster truck driving
- 3D graphics
- Monster truck upgrades
- Powerful truck 4x4
- Easy driving controls
- Difficult missions
- Free Ride and Career

It is a great driving game! Learn how to drive monster truck and be accurate.

Take part in monster truck offroad rally and fight with offroad terrain! Test the power of monster truck. Deep into the offroad truck driving. Do you like offroad? So, it is time to try our Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D. Drive truck 4x4 to feel the power of monster. Try driving without roads. A great rally for men!

Get ready for offroad missions.
Drive truck 4x4 to complete tasks and explore offroad terrains with hills and mud. Test your offroad skills with the truck driving. Monster truck is the best SUV ever! Drive and deal with offroad tasks.
Enjoy the offroad atmosphere!

Complete driving orders. Do it in time, monster truck is very fast. Try the power of a big truck with offroad driving. Be fast, rally is hard. Use a navigation map to find the route. Find new offroad ways to drive your monster truck in the rally.

Today is the best day to drive a monster truck in our rally.

Try our Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D, drive and enjoy!

Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D APK reviews

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Hated it
Every time I opened it, it did nothing and went back to the home screen. Don't get the game.?
Aldo Putra Andika review Aldo Putra Andika
Liked it
Bisayang kuttttt
Ashton Daugherty review Ashton Daugherty
Any suggestions from someone who has beaten the game?
It is fun but once you upgrade everything on your truck it has no traction in the rear and spins to far out of control. plus I can't get past level 9 in career
Matt Meis review Matt Meis
This game is the worst game ever. It has crappy graphics and the first truck you get it only has 1 working wheel. I am never going to play a shity unity game ever!
Monster truck
Dominic Loucks review Dominic Loucks
Hated it
It was so laggy and glitchy I had to get a new apple I pad because it crashed my system so YOU The Game Mavericks didn't have i t ready to play ruining my 150$ tablet
William Ludwig review William Ludwig
Super glitchy amd holy crap yhe ads. 2 or 3 ads for eachevel way to much
Gino Alia review Gino Alia
BigI improvement in l love bashing my monster truck is got stuck in the air
My opinion
It is glitchy but what would you expect for a free game and it's very fun a game I had no ads through the whole game I just turned off my Wi-Fi and mobile data
Derrick Corcoran review Derrick Corcoran
Don't waste your time
Del Birky review Del Birky
Terrible game. way to many adds. Wwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to many adds. Don't waste your time.
Heatmizer 007 review Heatmizer 007
Do away with some ads
Never played a free game with this many ads. Depending it for that reason. Too bad, because it's a good game otherwise. Let me know when you have cut out 2\3 of the ads.
David Henderson review David Henderson
It would be better if you didnt have so many ads popping up while racing
A Google user review A Google user
Horrible everything graphics controls and 4 adds before i even got to test out the game
Cale Super review Cale Super
It's an ok game to play just needs more mud slinging and bigger hills to climb.