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Version 327
Developer MTA SZTAKI
Category Apps, Entertainment
Requirements 2.1 and up

Mouse 3D for Virca 327 APK description

Mouse3D enables you to control 3D (and 2D) applications in 3D (in mid-air) using ordinary mobile devices always at hand. It is especially handy if you want to control the 3D space a few steps away from your screen, moving freely in your room without being bounded to your keyboard and mouse.

Currently you can use Mouse3D to control many operating systems, Second Life, Power Point and the experimental Virca application (the Virtual Collaboration Arena) with your Android based mobile. The set of applications that can be controlled with Mouse3D can be extended by third parties in the future. To support this, Mouse3D has an open API for developers to adapt this technology to any application. Developers of a Mouse3D adapter do not have to bother with any mobile, network, authentication or graphical development. See more information on how to adapt an application to Mouse3D on

To use Mouse3D, you have to
- install Mouse3D Driver on your PC (next to your Virca application). Install it from
- install Mouse3D Android Client to your Android based mobile from Android Market

Optionally you can also install Mouse3D Domain Server if you want to use your own Mouse3D registry and authentication federation. Download it from

Mouse3D has currently two editions:
- Mouse3D Premium is the fully functional ad free edition (coming as soon as Hungary is allowed to sell in the Android Market)
- Mouse3D for Virca is a free edition with a limitation to control only the experimental Virca application mainly for researchers of Virca

Mind that Mouse3D is an experimental application. Buying this application you support further research activities in this field.

For more information, visit Mouse3D website:
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Download (970.72 KB)

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