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Seamlessly store the movies you’ve collected in one place—so you can watch them when and where you want.

With Movies Anywhere, every night is movie night.

Create a free account with Movies Anywhere and only pay for the movies you buy.

Connect your digital retail accounts to import your movies from Google Play and other retailers.

Watch your movies come together in your new Movies Anywhere library.

Whether it’s date night or a late night, we’ve got you covered. With over 7,000 movies, there’s a movie for everyone.

Stream your movies or save them for later. No matter where you go, your Movies Anywhere library will go with you.

Phone, laptop, TV, tablet— wherever you want to watch, we’re there.

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David Edwards review David Edwards
Not a single movie will play on my Android TV/NVIDIA SHIELD. I keep getting a "Playback Error - There is a problem connection to Movies Anywhere. Please try again." I've tried reinstalling a number of times, and though the thumbnails for the movies from my various accounts show up, they just won't play. But if I go to the individual apps for Disney Movies Anywhere, Google Play, and Vudu, they play fine.
Erik Santiago review Erik Santiago
Garbage.. Lovely if you just like staring at your movies thumbnails. Not one move plays on Nvidia shield TV. There is a problem connecting error on all my movies. Works fine on iPad. I'd rather watch on a 55 inch screen with my family thank you.
macdaddybuff bp review macdaddybuff bp
Linked logged nvida shield shows movies it's authorized. I get there is a problem connecting to movies anywhere please try again. Disco re authorized still nada. Movies play fine from Amazon and Google just not from movies anywhere app
Omar Madrigal review Omar Madrigal
Nothing but playback errors on Android TV on an Nvidia Shield.
Jedi Mike review Jedi Mike
Disney Movies Anywhere made me use this for my disney movies now. Which I watch on Vudu anyway. Linked accounts and already had 4 of the 5 free movies offered, the one I got, ice age, I have on DVD just not digital, so really nothing new to get me to use this app. And you can't pick the 5 movies you would like for having to add this app. Imported none of my hundreds of vudu movies, so just my disney and the 5 movies they "gave" me here. No reason to use this app at all. I can still get my Disney points with Disney and my movies with vudu/ultraviolet.
Aaron King review Aaron King
Cool premise. Missing tons of movies due to not having support from some networks. Missing TV shows - hopefully that can get added. It does feel like an upgrade to Disney Movies Anywhere though since it has more sources, but it's a tough sell since I still have to access iTunes, Amazon, and Google for all the content it misses. It's definitely headed in the right direction though and I'm proud of Disney for helping unify content with their platform. Exciting things to come