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MovieStarPlanet is the coolest social network & game for kids!

Attention boys and girls! Are you looking for stardom?
Then welcome to our planet filled with stars.
Create a Movie Star today and make awesome Movies, ArtBooks, photos, design clothes and share them with your friends and fans. You might become a famous celebrity overnight.
Let your creativity loose!
Become the best fashion designer and design your own clothes, play Dress Up and model your creations. Create the most amazing art of all time to earn Fame, get awards and rise to stardom.
There is tons of fun waiting for you on MovieStarPlanet! We are a family-oriented game that takes safety SERIOUSLY, and we always work to ensure MovieStarPlanet is a place where parents can trust their kids to hang out.

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Here's a taste of the fun and cool things you can do on MovieStarPlanet:
- Create an Avatar doll of yourself to show off your awesome designs
- Make new FRIENDS and CHAT in cool chatrooms
- Decorate your own Room
- Take care of your own pet & Boonies
- Create Looks, Fashion, ArtBooks & Movies using animations and crazy stickers
- Design your own clothes and give your Movie Star a makeover
- Watch YouTube Videos of your favorite shows and celebrities
- Play fun games with other gamers and climb to the top of our Highscores

What are you waiting for? Download the MovieStarPlanet mobile app for your phone and tablet.
Join the fun online!

See more at – the number one site for fame, fortune, fun & friends!

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MovieStarPlanet APK reviews

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Fely Morales review Fely Morales
Why does it crash in this game
Plz make it dont crash that black thingy plz plz plz fix it and i will give 1,00000 stars too bad theres not. Since its a perfect virtial game?
Janie Lopes review Janie Lopes
Great but..
Its good but I want youtube to be like the cp version can we at least search music and put them on our wish list and on looks can u fix it so we can try our looks and also can we make looks of other people on the phone please update
Emily Sutcliffe review Emily Sutcliffe
Best game ever
You can meet new friends and also play online with them. You have lots of fun!???. Best game ever!!!!!
Marci Prejsnar review Marci Prejsnar
I just want gifts and wish list then I would like it and give 5 stars
Carol Gregory review Carol Gregory
Plz fix yesterday I tryed it keep saying oh something went wrong when I make a new one when I log in it say oh IP report support
Portia Smith review Portia Smith
This game is great fun for kids lets them have fun and do what ever they want and lets them dress and fall in love
Lil Red review Lil Red
Fun but...
U need to give us free VIP and have the update on phone like on computer if u do thanks so much
Lauren Kenny review Lauren Kenny
WONT LET ME SIGN UP. IT KEEPS SAYING something went wrong try again later ;)
Jeffrey Norfleet review Jeffrey Norfleet
I love map but you need to upgrade it on phone because on computer its not the same
Autumn Green review Autumn Green
Love it
I love it so much but I hate when you can't say other people's names and you can't spell and I hate when the other people hack you will its not my fault its not your fault its mine cuz I'm the one that gave him my password but I hate it when you don't have enough money and you don't and you can't get close so thank u so much
Shanna S review Shanna S
The app is great expecially the new update.I think the only thing on this app that needs to be changed is youtube. Instead of it having the top, friends, and your youtube you should lets people search up their own thing that would make it better. ;)
Dave Keefe review Dave Keefe
I love it hate it I don't know we should be able to talk to piki star whhhyyy
Katherine Kondakoff review Katherine Kondakoff
Can't live without it!!! A little confusing at first but you'll start to LOVE it!
Ria Starr review Ria Starr
Good but...
You need to make an icon for MPS academy like on the computer version. I really want a boonie :( :( :(
Bianca Burleson review Bianca Burleson
Love it
I'm VIP and level 19 and if u wanna friend me my name is bianca9191