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MP3 player is a multi purpose music player for Smartphones . Enjoy the best music experience in your smart phone . Browse and play songs on your device faster with this application . You can also cut mp3 songs using mp3 cutter tool .Create or edit playlist more easily with this ultimate mp3 player .

Key Features :

- 5 band graphic equalizer
- Built in mp3 cutter
- Lockscreen play
- Home screen widgets
- Bass and treble equalizer adjustment
- Plays MP3, MIDI, WAV, Raw AAC files
- Create and edit playlist

MP3 Player APK reviews

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Sharisma Naden review Sharisma Naden
Wicked app
Great app simply to use
David Vasquez review David Vasquez
I was looking for an app that could hold my music. I looked over and over and all I found was a bunch of scams, now this app is exactally what ended my search. When I saw it, I decided to give it a chance. When I saw it had my music I was SOOOOO happy! The best part is it has no pop up ads only display adds. Love this app and definitely recommended it to others. 1000/10
Chloe Kim review Chloe Kim
Very useful. I do not have to convert files to other form.
Jim Heggem review Jim Heggem
sorts music far better than factory music app
BIG PLUS is app doesn't get all up in your personal business on your phone, just looks at your music UNLIKE some others I wont mention (PI) who want to access EVERYTHING on your phone (ie, browsing history, bookmarks, etc. REALLY?) downloaded and played first album using it. not a fan of ads but I am too cheap to buy apps and the ads really aren't that intrusive and if you switch to full screen you don't even see them. give a week or 2 and I may pay to remove ads if its an option... so far so good...
Candace Jones review Candace Jones
Does what it's supposed to, not very loud tho.
Jacqueline Jeffrey review Jacqueline Jeffrey
Great! Just wanted a player
I didnt want a music service, just something to play music i had loaded on my memory card, and this does perfectly well. The ads are not intrusive, and I am looking gorwad to playing with the bells and whistles.
Stevemc665 review Stevemc665
Great app
Love this app it works better than advertised
Alec Brooke review Alec Brooke
An excellent player that has what I've wanted for ages: both Recently Added AND Genre listings! I'm just a little put off by the footer ads, hence the 4.
kiwi White review kiwi White
Does it need internet?
Jacquie Lawtie review Jacquie Lawtie
I've only just downloaded this app but so far it's great. I've listened to some of my own tracks and tried some of the things people have moaned about but so far it's the best music player I've come across in a few years. I'll give it a few weeks of use and then change my rating to suit my complete experience. Update.... it's an okay app but you can't play random tracks, it just ploughs through mine alphabetically. It would be good to be able to mix things up a bit
Guilmar Segura review Guilmar Segura
¡El mejor!
Me gusta demasiado porque ordena bien la música pero me gusta más que eso porque consume menos RAM que otros reproductores y pesa poco.
This player is just awesome.
Reza AR review Reza AR
Good to play
Md Jion Mia review Md Jion Mia
supper audio players
it is very easy to use. best equaliser
Bagus Isuzu review Bagus Isuzu
Mantaappp.. bisa download lagu yg gue suka