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High quality music player with powerful equalizer . Music player lets you manage all your music files easily .
Browse and play music songs by artists , genres , songs , albums and folder .

-- Features --

* Supports almost all types of mp3 , flac ,midi ,wav , aac files and other audio file formats

* High quality equalizer with bass and treble control

* Music visualizer support

* Mp3 ringtone maker support

* Sleep timer

* 50 + vibrant color themes

* Music tag editor support

* Playlist reorder

* Wearable support

* Control playback by shake

* Material design

* Music search support

* Default playlist support

* Music resume on reopen

Mp3 Player APK reviews

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Jeff Minder review Jeff Minder
Like the app. Would it be possible to add the features below? 1. Tag Editor a. Add ability to populate title from mp3 filename. b. Add ability to copy <album> to <artist> (and vice versa) c. On save, exit Tag editor 2. When playing a song without ID3 tags or incorrectly labeled filenames, I often use the speech recognition feature of google to “identify this song”. Would it be possible to add something like this to the app? That would be Awesome if it could update the ID3 tags as well! 3. On the playing screen (one with the record player), delete button is hard to reach when holding phone with one hand.
Антон Кузнецов review Антон Кузнецов
The best of the best.
Valuable and unique feature is: this audio player shows names of audio/mp3 files! (other don't.) Other peculiarities are: a lot of access/show modes, sort modes, information about file ("track"), etc. | Це є найліпший з аудіо-програвачів (мп3-плеєрів). Цінна і унікальна особливість: показує імена аудіо-файлів (інші не показують). Крім того, має багато режимів пошуку/показу, сортування, вибору треків. Також можна подивиться інформацію про файл (ім'я, шлях/директорію, тощо).
Milan Tesic review Milan Tesic
Almost Perfect
This player has a great interface and options which resembles those find on computer e.g. Winamp. Opening folders is easy and it gives clear overview. I couldn't get playlist files to play but considering you can press on folder and play it that's irrelevant. Equaliser is the only area where it could be little better but otherwise it's perfect, there is no convoluted crap, it just plays music which is all that's required.
Derek Clark review Derek Clark
This app literally makes it impossible for me to contain myself. The beauty makes me swell so quickly I think I might burst. Ughhh MP3's uhhh MP3's all over my face...what has my life become, I'm a mess. Please help, I'm lonely and all I have is my grandmother. God bless....
Saidin Ahmad review Saidin Ahmad
Fantastic apps
Easy too use n sound good
Dharmendra Giri review Dharmendra Giri
Very nice
Bikash Minz review Bikash Minz
Leon Van Den Heever review Leon Van Den Heever
Love it!
Really great this app cool equalizer with bass and treble boost like the colour scheme and the fact that it can play any audio file format that's a 5star
Scare Crow review Scare Crow
Its good
Justin Taite review Justin Taite
So far so good.
It found all my songs and I haven't had any issues yet.
Akash Roy Chowdhury review Akash Roy Chowdhury
Too many adds
Too many adds are disgusting. I have to say if the adds will removed then it will get 5stars from other persons
Lawrence Elamparo review Lawrence Elamparo
Good one
Havent tried it much since i just downloaded it. But i love the shake thing that changes it to the next song
Uzumaki Valkyriel review Uzumaki Valkyriel
Good apps
Not so good not so bad .. Just really what i need .