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Mr D Food - delivery & takeaway
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The Joy of Food, Delivered. FREE DELIVERY on your first app order!
Mr D Food is SA’s #1 food delivery service, downloaded by over 2 million South Africans.

Contactless drop off deliveries now executed on all orders.

We’re the easiest, tastiest food delivery app around, delivering delight to you no matter where you are or what you’re craving. From Burgers to Poke Bowls, from Chisanyama to Salads, from Mexican to Mogudu and from Sushi to Smoothies. Want to avoid a bottle store trip? We deliver alcohol too.

From famous chains to local gems, Mr D Food boasts a selection unlike any other with more than 5000 local and national South African restaurants on the app. Find the flavours of every food type imaginable delivered fast & hot.

Among many others expect to see SA favourites such as:
Chicken Licken
Burger King
Simply Asia
Checkers Liquor

The restaurants you order from most frequently will be saved and listed in a ‘Favourites’ tab for your convenience.

We mean it when we say Mr D Food discounts and specials are nonstop. Happy Hour offers daily restaurants specials from 4-6pm and users can also access coupons for free delivery, cash discounts and free food menu items regularly.

These benefits are exclusively available to anyone who has downloaded the Mr D Food app.

Getting restaurant food delivered fast & hot has never been easier:

Save multiple locations and complete the searching, browsing and ordering process in just a few taps
Customise the items you’ve selected according to your preferences
Pay one flat delivery fee
Make your payment using Cash on Delivery or Card/ EFT in-app, or with eBucks
Track your order until it arrives, or collect it as a takeaway if that’s what works best for you.

Where you go, we go. Mr D Food delivers food across the country, to over 2600 different South African areas. To name a few, Mr D Food is available in Cape Town, Soweto, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, East London, Bloemfontein, Secunda and Pietermaritzburg.

Whatever you’re craving, Mr D Food has got it covered. From Fried Chicken to Poke Bowls, Burgers to Salads, Smoothies to Sushi, Pizza, Mexican, even Alcohol like Wine, Beer, Spirits to name a few.

Search by food category to find what you’re looking for in a flash. You name it, we deliver it fast & hot. You browse, choose, tap the app, the restaurant gets cooking, we pick it up and bolt over to wherever you are.

Bringing delight through delivery, Mr D Food is SA’s favourite food delivery service. What was once the pioneering takeaway food delivery service known as Mr Delivery is now the mobile app Mr D Food, bringing the food for your mood straight to your door. Download the app to get the food for your mood delivered fast & hot.

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Mr D Food - delivery & takeaway APK reviews

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Annika De Bruyn review Annika De Bruyn
Amzing to know when im sick and dont wanna leave the house I can just go on this app and 1 2 3... im sorted! Thanks for your great service!
Garret Thomas review Garret Thomas
Battery drain
The app seems to be draining my battery. I know it is the app because after uninstalling it my battery life returned to normal
Francois Smith review Francois Smith
This is really great! Low costing makes this now our primary delivery service. Well Done Mr D! ?
Baphiwens ssa review Baphiwens ssa
I ordered the first time and it was great. But now, I can't order using the credit card. It keeps on saying "payment option currently unavailable." This really inconviences me when I don't have cash because then I would literally have to go out and rather get the food myself. I hope it gets fixed soon, but the app is good.
Evert de Jongh review Evert de Jongh
Honestly, if Mr Delivery doesn't stop with the stupid push notifications, I will uninstall it. I have unchecked all possible options in the app, yet I still receive a notification at least twice a week for some promotion. People don't like unnecessary push notifications!
Jade Keira Gouws review Jade Keira Gouws
From the 1 star reviews I see, it looks like people are complaining about the app when it's probably their internet connections. This app is amazing, not a single issue, and the customer service if there is a freak storm or other issues is amazing! Mr D is awesome!!! I literally suggest it to everyone!
Raadiyah Ameer review Raadiyah Ameer
I initially thought the app was good until this evening.. I placed an order and as soon as the payment went through I got a message to say that the order has been cancelled. I get a call 10mins later to be told I can expect a refund within 2-5 working days. Nice, take my money first, then look for a driver after, cancel my order and make me wait 5 days to get my money back. Not cool!
A Google user review A Google user
Some of us don't own credit cards. Why can't the app debit money from our account like Uber Eats does? I mean that is so convenient and user friendly... So I can't request food coz I don't have a credit card. Awesome!
Chad Alexander review Chad Alexander
My card got declined but I have funds, after three tries it worked and to get the authentication page from the bank does not always come up which is frustrating. Other than that the app is good and easy
Louise Mody review Louise Mody
First time experience.. very impressed.. fast efficient service.. felt sorry for the driver as it suddenly started pouring with rain. Love the way the app keeps you updated on your orders progress
Genevieve Lazaro review Genevieve Lazaro
The app stopped working. I removed it and reinstalled but it still is not working. I have received orders before but suddenly the areas I live and work in are not covered
Gabriel Merwe review Gabriel Merwe
Great to use really. Sometimes the drivers dont bring any change which is a cheap way for them to try make money. Which is the reason this is only 4 stars. Other than that, it is easy to use and very helpful.
Sumith Ramsookbhai review Sumith Ramsookbhai
Great improvement from previous version of the app. Congrats to the dev team on putting out an awesome product. Only let down is sometimes the restaurants themselves provide low quality food
Chene Pierrus review Chene Pierrus
I love the whole idea, and after using it twice - I am a definite fan! The only real cool thing that could be added to the app is if live tracking of your delivery was available GPS wise.
GyaradosXV review GyaradosXV
Awesome, easy and quick. As a student, I found it very helpful to be able to eat anything I want without having to fetch it myself, especially during study times. Quick and friendly service.