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Multicraft: Pro Edition
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Multicraft Pro Edition is a game for you moving with survival mode and creative mode. You can make building, castle, mine center or whatever you imagine! Course you can craft armors/weapons/items with crafting table and furnace! This is a not guide; a Game! Multicraft Pro Edition have high quality screen. Collect mine you want and make stock. You will also earn experience from mine works and you will gain a level!

- Survival mode and creative mode.
- Armors/Weapons system.
- Hunger system.
- Chest and chestlarge system.
- Crafting table for craft.
- Furnace items.
- Many types of blocks and items.
- HD pixel graphics with dynamic light.
- Graphic setting screen.
- Setting the touch sensitivity.

Inspired by Minecraft game. But:
This is not an official Mojang app. KayaYavuz is not associated or connected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. This game isn't endorsed or affiliated with its creator or licensers.

Multicraft: Pro Edition APK reviews

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Rowena Lising review Rowena Lising
Worse game ever made
Worse ever made im playing then something happened its have lags guys rate this app 2 beacuse its worse but i rate 2 beacuse its looks like its beautiful. when we rate 0 or 1 he or she will be sad all of the people hate it so i rate 2. i can rate 5 if this will be fix so plz. fix it for a 5 rate =] i will not delete it when its fix if is not i will delete it so fix this game who ever made this. How about fix this some players and some more things just like minecraft pc pls and no lags and pls pc version.
Ebony Swinson review Ebony Swinson
Why is this game even in invented
Don't give you this game is so slow it barely works doesn't nothing to say about this it's too hard to play can barely I tried to cut a tree down it did not work better games why is even then? I play Worldcraft in the it's better than this I think we've cut down trees if it an ad on the bottom at least it worked I don't get this game and why do people even play this? Animals around they give you a little materials they don't they don't give you instructions what is the place came out even though I installed
BobbyGaming review BobbyGaming
Has a freeze bug please fix.
Game just takes forever to load to the menu after I went to creative mode and then new world it loaded but I couldn't move or do anything but it looked like it was ready but it was like it froze up so after waiting it took me to my home screen so pleas fix and I'll give five stars but for now one. note: I will install it again if its fixed.
Martin Roberg review Martin Roberg
Congrats on making the Worst game in the history of horrible games
I don't even know where to begin about complaints. One: It takes at least 10 minutes to install. Two: Most of the time when you click begin the game freezes. Such fun. Three: from the thousand one and two star comments I have learned that it is nothing like all other minecrafts. Four: The lag is so annoying... Can there be at least one thing good about this game. Five controls stink. Six: It takes forever for it to load the start screen which doesn't even work. Next make an app that allows you to give 0 ⭐
diego juarez review diego juarez
poop this game man way more work didn't like it at all everything is funer than this
this game is more boring than standing doing nothing for 1000000000000000000000 hours and its getting stuck and there is no volume and as always poop this game ladies and gentlemen
Larry Ellis review Larry Ellis
Congrats on making the worst game in the universe this game sucks has a huge freezer so it won't start I give 0 Stars
Boo I don't like the app it has a huge freeze issue and it won't even it has a huge freeze issue and it won't even open