MX Player Beta APK reviews

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Soumya Agrawal review Soumya Agrawal
On the normal MX Player, the videos were quiet laggy, but in this app, it's working perfectly fine. Very satisfied.
Md Junaid Iqbal review Md Junaid Iqbal
Bed link with online option ac3 not supported
Manish Sharma review Manish Sharma
Full of ads. It's very irritating
Raja Chouhan review Raja Chouhan
Very good app and I will be in the UK for a few days ago, I have been a bit of an issue with the new year to you by the time of the most important to us and we are going to be the best way forward, but I am not able the and a half hours and hours ago save job search for online purchase of exllent app
Kam Zathang Vaiphei review Kam Zathang Vaiphei
MX player is the best app for playing video files. Lots of setting features to make videos play well and smoothly. But very sick of those ads displaying on the screen...
Ganapathy Sooraj review Ganapathy Sooraj
Overall performance is good.. But in my phone HEVC format videos get lags.. I changed cpu core limits on sw decoder and speedup tricks.. But still faces that issue
The apps great, all its features are top notch but still the adds that keep popping gets on my nerves. Its a video player not an advertising company. Try to get this right.
Prashanth N Rao review Prashanth N Rao
It works very well with local files. For some reason, it does not work with LAN files at all. I've tried in vain to play files hosted on Samba.
Vivekanand Chaturvedi review Vivekanand Chaturvedi
Using mx play since 2013. Now hate it coz of excessive adware!
Mitesh Joshi review Mitesh Joshi
After updating to the latest version I can't play videos directly from whatsapp. It's crashing repeatedly.
Debajyoti Swain review Debajyoti Swain
Found a bug.. while playing in HW mode,Some times the audio is cutoff (muted) automatically , then I have to seek back to view it again the audio works.
Ravinder Singh Lucky review Ravinder Singh Lucky
Beta version not directly play whatsapp beta version vedios
Jiten Singh review Jiten Singh
Great, hope in next update comes with themes customisation..
Arbaaz Khan review Arbaaz Khan
I will be there at the same place as the one I don't think about for no reason and that is the
mintu modak review mintu modak