My Cafe: Recipes & Stories - World Cooking Game APK

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories - World Cooking Game
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My Cafe is an addictive bakery & restaurant story game where you set off to help chef Ann open a classy cafe and serve her guests delicious drinks and baked goods.

The first episodes of your coffee shop adventure begins as you set off to a quiet town and open your own classy cafe with your friend Ann! Serve coffee, cook bakery goods and immerse yourself in an addictive kitchen & restaurant simulator that’s brimming with exciting tales and stories.

Download My Cafe: Recipes & Stories and tell your cooking story!

Exciting features in this restaurant simulator lets you:
★ Build and scramble a diner, pizza bakery, or restaurant – hire staff, buy furniture, improve the kitchen and set prices on the menu.
★ Design your coffee shop with tons of glamorous decorative items – After all, comfort is in the details! Be the brightest café on the street.
★ Discover baking and cooking, including special food and drinks like the Sweet Tales Latte, the Mojito Cupcake, and more. Feel the cooking fever in our eating game!
★ Develop your own business strategy and management take big risks or go for slow to ensure you make a profit and thrive in Cafeland game.
★ Bring your restaurant to life with impactful stories and colorful customers for kids and adults. Gossip with regulars and choose your own responses to influence the direction of the story, and make new friends in your neighborhood. Each story is unique in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories!


My Restaurant, My Cafe Story
• Story mode with unique characters and meaningful relationships. Learn the stories of your regulars, influence their gossip life, make new friends and experience your own Kitchen Craze restaurant adventure in this nice life simulator.

Cafe Treats & Bakery Sweets
• Coffee mania, fast food, dinners, desserts and hot drinks for cafe fans of pizza games from crazy kitchen!
• Bakery treats and restaurant eats!
• Special baking and cooking recipes like the Sweet Tales Latte, the Mojito Cupcake!

Restaurant Mania & Cafe Simulator
• Design your own coffee shop with over 900 decorative items
• Make a business paradise at your cafe by taking big risks or going slow and steady.
• Manage restaurant staff, hire, train and fire your employees in our making food game

Customized Cafe & Bakery Story - Gossip & Intrigue Abound
• Coffee shop gossip goes a long way! Investigate the town’s story, see how characters fall in love, make their choices and discover secrets the whole cartoon city wants to know!

Play with friends
Go social – see how your Facebook friends are running their own coffee shops and townships in your favorite game!

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is the restaurant story of a lifetime inside a casual game! Gossip with cafe guests and meet new friends in a story mode so deliciously addictive for girls, you’ll never want to put it down! Become a happy world chef and build your bakery, sushi cafe, diner or restaurant with cooking dash to make the best dishes and drinks in a story game that lets you play your way, choose your story and start a true!

However, some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

My Cafe: Recipes & Stories is FREE to download and play with no obligations to pay.

An internet connection is required to play our cooking game

Chef, are you having a problem with the game? Please contact us by going to the game Settings > FAQ or visit
Our support service:

Play the best episode of games with your friends, including friends from Facebook, and bring your exciting restaurant story to life in the exciting new business simulator My Cafe: Recipes & Stories. Join in the fun!

Time management games fans from all over the world have already started their restaurant story.

How to develop your coffee shop and choose your own story:
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Dean Dalton review Dean Dalton
I wish there was no such thing as ? in this game, everything is for free because I'm struggling to upgrade coconut flakes to level 3. Also, there are some errors about this my café update. There is no character named Comet when it says new character: Comet. And it says holiday ingredient fortune cookies, are there any fortune cookies no. Please fix this as soon as possible as my sister and I are feeling really angry because we want fortune cookies in this game. Apart from those errors that I not long said, I say that this game is good.
Thicke Madame review Thicke Madame
I love this game. Very addictive and a great time killer. Play every chance I get. One thing though, need more herb slots. Excellent game.
Julie Blatz review Julie Blatz
Until recently, I would have given a 5 star review, but lately this game has been very frustrating. I keep getting this message that my profile has been changed, so I have to reload the game, and it erases some of my progress. This has even made it erase that I've completed some orders for Diego, so I have to complete them over again, and restart my 2 hour wait. I'm trying to save enough money to buy the pudding display case, but it's difficult when I suddenly lose $20,000-$50,000 at a time. Does anybody know how to contact tech support?
paul haighton review paul haighton
Andromeda Flare review Andromeda Flare
I love this game. Really addictive!!!! You can have a bunch of servers and Baristas and can customize your cafe however you want. There's a lot of tasty foods and recipes! Though, I hate that you have to click the map to go to your township, because I always mistakly click it and I have to wait for it to load. Also, maybe you should make it that instead of logging into facebook, you can log into other social media like, twitter, instagram, etc. Please!!! Also, I don't like how you have to UNLOCK recipes with gems!! Why can't they just be unlocked each on a level? But this game is still really good. I play it regularly. I love how when you are not playing the game your baristas and servers are still making money gor you! Keep it up! Waiting for an update!!!!
Witney Dunn review Witney Dunn
Every time i have to do the rose tea quest my game freezes
Jeevana Jyothi review Jeevana Jyothi
after every 10 levels there should be a birthday of that cafe There should be more than 4 servents.. Even spices also there should be more solts for storing Why the VIP levels are is wast and worest part of this game.. and for every VIP level we pay much more money... And then goes to the graphics... they r quiet intresting to have servents,customers,stories,recipies..... etc i hate only the VIP levels in the game.... but i feel quiet intresting
Varad Talekar review Varad Talekar
Very addictive.
Brittany Mullins review Brittany Mullins
The fact you cant buy more spices unless youre VIP level two. Means not only do you have to use REAL money to constantly buy things but youre paying alot for them. Some spices are 24 diamonds and you can earn 5/10 a day by watching ads. Even then you need to use certain spices to advance the story. In order to buy them you need to be VIP level 2. Just a money making trick which wont work. Love the story and everything else but this is getting too much now.
Samitinjay Mishra review Samitinjay Mishra
nic game
Crandalyn Franklin review Crandalyn Franklin
Now i see what everyone is talking about very slow game. I've been waiting two days just to complete my guarana task for the festival. The game only gives me one guarana order about every 14 hours. Done two now waiting on the last. Huhhhh please fix!!!! I see now it's best to set your orders up before you accept a task because once you do they wont give you the orders you need
Tawanda Harvey review Tawanda Harvey
Excellent loved it
Natiaha Brooks review Natiaha Brooks
The game won't let me join anybody town it keeps saying error. And I don't think you should have too update machines just too use them. Just costs more money for that one machine once you buy it & the upgrade it
Linda Plower review Linda Plower
Takes to much time
I know about the ways to make money but those options take a long time to come back, plus you dont earn much money from the orders themselves anyway,after orders are delivered. And it would be great if you could sell the furniture you dont want to replace with new things having to buy expensive furniture on top of the food items is just making the game less enjoyable. Please fix these things