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4.0 EDITION includes over 100 new quests and buildings in 12 new seasonal cities!

If you are tired from old-school construction games lacking real action, My Country is a city builder for you. This challenging build-a-city game has enough content to entertain you for the longest time ever. Build your own city, develop industries and transportation infrastructure, hire employees, eliminate ecological threats and control energy use.

When building a city you are not limited to simple buildings construction. Take on hundreds of tasks for the benefit of your developing city. Moreover, you can even create a complex well-governed country.

This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on the plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!

To be a successful city builder you should:
- Build residential buildings to increase your city's population

- Open office buildings and upgrade them to employ more citizens and create higher profits
- Develop industries, sign contracts and buy vehicles to transport the goods you produce

- Manage the ecology and energy use in your city by building power stations and parks

- Change the landscape: build canals, create lakes, plant trees and pave country roads

- Establish a bus transit network for your residents

- Gather collection items from the residents of your country

- Hire professionals to grow a forest of skyscrapers in your city!

Why play My Country? Because it is AWESOME and absolutely FREE!

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My Country APK reviews

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larry banks review larry banks
NEEDS AN UPDATE!! Really sucks that you work to get the expansions then suddenly you try to buy one but you need country bucks or 1,000 reputation! I have 0 friends who play this game. So I only get 1 country buck a day! I have 189 country bucks but need 1,000 to buy an expansion??? Guess I'm deleting this game now! It was a great game until this popped up. Thanks for wasting my time!
Nemesis1024 review Nemesis1024
Used to be good....
I used to love playing this game and had a relatively big city but when I logged back into the game on my new device (Galaxy S6 Edge) the game not only constantly crashes but all my previous progress has been removed! If these issues are fixed then i'll rate the game higher.
Cristián Hidalgo review Cristián Hidalgo
Excellent game
The game is brilliant. Addictive, you depend on your own activity, with a marginal involvement from other players. There are a couple minor but annoying bugs that must be corrected, though. Sadly, the developer states that the game is no longer playable... so I guess I will have to find an alternative. I switched to My Country 2020... And uninstalling
Kaloyan Panayotov review Kaloyan Panayotov
The best
It's the best simulator game I ever played! You don't need real money to play, you can buy expansions for dollars and it's easy to earn them! Thanks for making the best game ever! This isn't like the rubbish big business deluxe, where it's so hard to earn money and you need a lot, no, it isn't! If you search for a good simulator game this is the one you need!
Beth Ralph review Beth Ralph
Not funny
I ordered the April fools item it was 6.99 in real money and now the game is not playing. I go to play and I get kicked out. Either give me my money back or give me my items if you suggest I have to restart. Was the big joke as stated was I spend real money and you kick me off? I have tried to report it 5/6 times. Only GI game not working.
Arlene M review Arlene M
Crashing still after 48 hrs!!!
Bought a pack in game, haven't been able to log in since. Not to mention, no replies back from emails to support and on Facebook! Are u guys a partner to Uken Games? I started to play this to move passed their joke of a company. Here now too?