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My Mini MixieQ’s™
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The first official app for the My Mini MixieQ’s™ brand.

Meet the My Mini MixieQ’s™ Mystery Figures - they’re little, they’re cute, and they’re cube-tastic! Collect different characters and POP and SWAP™ their outfits and hair to create your own unique combos. Track your collection as it grows and play awesome mini games! Now including Series 1 & Series 2!

These days … it’s hip to be cube!

• Explore all of the My Mini Mixie Q’s™ characters in one place!
• Keep track of all of the My Mini MixieQ’s™ characters you have and want!
• Take pics with your newly created MMMQs characters!
• Play POP + SWAP™ and Matchup for hours of fun!

Have fun playing My Mini Mixie Qs!

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My Mini MixieQ’s™ APK reviews

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Ariana Holstick review Ariana Holstick
Mattel,you have redeemed your self.yay!:-)
The following note is 100 present true. It is after the beep in all caps lock.BEEP. This app is ACTUALLY pretty good.this app is ACTUALLY quite well made and well,FUN. Yay! Hooray! ??.
Kellye Hannema review Kellye Hannema
As great as the Mixies Themselves
This app includes a great way to see the available Mixes in Series 1 Wave 1 plus keep track of your collection plus a fun section to create your own Mixes and a mini game to see how well you know your Mixies. ** Latest update has many improvements & the Wave 2 Characters ... can't wait to Qllect them all!!
raqkay26 review raqkay26
My niece loves it. Is there a way to save to an account so creations my niece makes can appear on another device ie Kindle or another phone instead of starting over? would be a 5 star then
Kathrynne Joy Doblado review Kathrynne Joy Doblado
Nice Game but......
It is a nice game because you can create your own and name it. It is a nice game but they don't really have in the list all the my mini mixieq's
Mhei Macaraeg review Mhei Macaraeg
No purchase At all And you can make your own MMMQ
Izzy Williamson review Izzy Williamson
Like it
I like it because it's fun but it can get a little boring but fun and I don't know how to see the ones I saved but I will try and find a way to look at the directions????
Joanna Tedesco-Powell review Joanna Tedesco-Powell
Missing Characters
It's cute but every time my kids go into the app to "check off" the mini mixie that we purchased, they can't find it. There are quite a few missing from the selection. So far we have 10 but we're only able to check off 4...the others weren't there. Update with more characters would be cool.
Dulcita Ferguson review Dulcita Ferguson
Needs more levels
I already finished the game and you can just get all the mini mixes. You should be able to talk to other people's mini mixes, explore new places, and get new ablities new mini mixes. So Still Needs Improvements But It's Okay So far
Jesse Hayes review Jesse Hayes
IM sighd in tto the play store it wont come on my device i trying to get this game but it wont let get the game with makes me a bit upset thats my problem with this game.
This game is awsome and it keeps you bussy
Love it!
Best game ever!! ? It's worth the download!!