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mytaxi – The Taxi App
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Order your taxi with one tap, track your driver’s arrival in real time and cover your fare with or without cash. One app, one account, 50+ cities. Get Europe’s largest taxi app now!

Available in: Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Cracow, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Rome, Stockholm, Valencia, Vienna, Warsaw and many more (full list below). London and Dublin following in March.


• Taxis on tap: Book a taxi just like that with one tap only.
• Pay by app: Order and pay for your taxi conveniently by card or PayPal with the mytaxi app.
• Prebook: Plan ahead and order your taxi up to four days in advance.
• Real-time tracking: Watch your driver arriving for pickup.
• 5 Star Taxis: Let the best mytaxi drivers get your request first.
• Favourite Drivers: Rate each driver and save your favourites for future journeys.
• Pay with mytaxi: Get a mytaxi without booking ahead and pay by card or PayPal with the app.
• Home & Work: Save your home and work addresses. And save time whenever you need to get there.


1. Allow the app to locate your current position as your pickup location.
2. Tap on "Order a Taxi"". Once a driver is found, you'll be able to see your driver's name, photo, mobile number, estimated arrival time, vehicle class, license plate and ratings.

You can always preselect your preferred options (Favourite drivers, Multi seater, Wheelchair) for orders with one tap.


• Austria: Graz, Vienna
• Germany: Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Lubeck, Mainz, Munich, Nuremberg, Osnabrück, Stuttgart and Sylt
• Great Britain: London (March)
• Ireland: Dublin (March)
• Italy: Milan, Rome
• Poland: Crakow, Gdansk Warsaw
• Portugal: Lisbon
• Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia
• Sweden: Stockholm

FOR TAXI DRIVERS: Join Europe’s largest taxi fleet now! Register your business with mytaxi start making more money! Learn more at

Reviews and Feedback: If you need help or if you have any suggestion, email us at [email protected] We'd love to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

* Data Protection: The mytaxi app asks to read your contacts to help you finding your, or your friends addresses. mytaxi DOESN’T record your contacts anytime! Read the GTC at

mytaxi – The Taxi App APK reviews

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Chris D'Souza review Chris D'Souza
Works the same as Hailo and all card details were saved 😊
Lisa Ennis review Lisa Ennis
It managed to send a taxi that I hadn't booked to an address as I longer live at 2 hours after I had tried to book a taxi from my new address! This is after not being able to log in, or it won't use my CC details, or it can't locate cabs! Don't feel very confident abut my data protection that's for sure!
Katarzyna Zbieciak review Katarzyna Zbieciak
can't even log in. I want to use Hailo log in but it keep telling me to wait
Sean Bent review Sean Bent
Very good changeover from hailo as far as I can see. Haven't noticed any loss of functionality described by other reviews. No issues transferring my data either. Still able to do everything I was before. If anything the new interface is prettier and little emoticon messages from drivers are an interesting addition to this app. Would like to see this feature developed someday into further possibilities for real time communication while waiting for cab. Good job
David Fox-Meakin review David Fox-Meakin
Didn't work
Registration all worked OK and validated my phone number etc. Pre-ordered a taxi the night before to take us to Krakow airport at 4am. Went through the full process and agreed to terms etc. Did not get any kind of confirmation not even to say they couldn't cover it. We left it until just before 4 and had no message or notifications from MyTaxi and no taxi arrived. Used Uber as usual who fortunately had cabs a few minutes away and were excellent. Won't bother with MyTaxi again.
Jade Ernest review Jade Ernest
Where's the zero star option? Drivers get given the wrong location, and they often keep cancelling, it's so frustrating! Don't get me started on the stupid name and logo...! Please bring back the older version of Hailo so I'm not constantly late for things!
Rafael Heiber review Rafael Heiber
Update: Still bad. Gives wrong prices before hiring a journey. Just useless. I have tried SEVERAL times and no taxi came pick me up while other taxis were just passing my way... Mytaxi temporarily discou ts will make you waste your time and also money because after waiting ypu wont have time for metro and you will definitely take another taxi under stress.
Mark Phillips review Mark Phillips
An unfortunate and unnecessary downgrade from Hailo. No pre-booking, my street doesn't show up as an address, and the sterling sign is used sometimes even though we use the Euro. Heck, their customer support for Irish users is marked as UK Support. Some basic market research might help here! I might have to look for alternatives after years with Hailo. Pity.
Paco Ruzzante review Paco Ruzzante
It Doesn't work
The app Doesn't seem to work in Seville... I was counting on it because it was suggested by Google but it did not work and I was forced to call a taxi with the phone, spending a lot of money.
Mark Sturgeon review Mark Sturgeon
Works great!
Have used this app many times in Warsaw as well as once in Germany. Works great every time, with the exception of not being able to pay through the app in Germany for some reason.
Ad 'ster review Ad 'ster
No taxis available in Rome
Apps useless with no taxis available on my city break in Rome.
works just fine
i just had my first trip and everything went well
Marco Mazzucco review Marco Mazzucco
Doesn't work in Zurich
Use Hail and love it but it doesn't work in Zurich. Downloaded this since it claims it does. It doesn't unless unavailable means wait in German
Daniel Santos review Daniel Santos
Muitíssimo eficiente, super satisfeito.
Antoni Grzymała review Antoni Grzymała
The UI itself is pretty bad...
...the expected time is a huge fat lie. The feedback when searching for a cab is useless. But the backend is just terrible. When you give coupons away, make sure you can cope with the traffic. You've wrecked my day, I'm deleting the account and hope to never see you again.