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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
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"NBA LIVE MOBILE SEASON 5 IS HERE. Choose your path to greatness and build your NBA super team.

Draft your team and select your lineup. Basketball legends are yours for the choosing. Increase your basketball teams' OVR throughout the season by completing sets and participating in LIVE Today and Limited Time Events. Play your way to the top and capture the spotlight to create your legacy, your way.

Dunk and dribble your way to victory in real-time tournament games and casual 3v3 basketball matchups. Compete to win PvP matches in PVP Mode, NBA LIVE’s multiplayer sports game. Win games to earn arena masters and climb the ranks to prove that you’ve built one of the strongest teams to date.

NBA events and Campaigns are available to compete in all year long to keep your team at the top. Tournaments every week bring new content, stories, and events. Play hoops and score incredible bonuses in real-life matchups and break ankles in every mode with both friends and foes.

Download NBA LIVE Mobile and become a hoop master all day, every day.


- Find your daily events in the brand new LIVE Today map
- Features numerous ongoing programs such as Team of the Week, Flashbacks, and NBA Greats
- Collect Position and Team Tokens to earn players from your favorite team

- NBA LIVE Mobile will have a new ""Mobile Season"" every 2 months
- Each month, a new LIVE Pass and Monthly Master will be released along with multiple Limited Time Events
- Participate in Limited Time Events and complete sets to earn the best players in the game

- Along with each Mobile Season, a brand new extensive Campaign will become available
- Each Campaign has a unique theme that ties into to the Mobile Season
- Defeat your opponents as you progress through each Campaign to earn exclusive players, courts, and more
- Increase your OVR to unlock new Campaigns

- Draft classic NBA legends or recruit your favorite rising stars fresh out of college basketball
- Create your team around your favorite basketball players
- Get a head start based on your World Tour progress from Season 4

- NBA LIVE allows you to compete in the NBA all year long with campaigns to keep your team on top
- Tournaments every week bring new content, stories, and events
- Win to score incredible bonuses in 3v3 basketball matchups and PVP campaigns

Download NBA LIVE today and play hoops for glory.

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google119 review google119
Ichiro Peralta review Ichiro Peralta
I love the game. However I am now having problems logging into the game using my Google play account. I am using an android device, so when I try to login it is always asking me to allow offline access, but when I click on allow, nothing happens, it goes back to the same screen asking me to allow offline access... I am unable to play the game now, and I hope I can get some help on how to work around it.
metgredko review metgredko
Players aren't very responsive
Competent grind game in which you play to unlock better players. Scaling of difficulty in season mode is far too steep. Further, players in games aren't very responsive on offense where you want them to run past a defender but instead they close the distance and stand by the defender. Auto switching of player control when on defense actually gives the ai players easy baskets when they're on a drive and you get switched to players who are by the basket but not stop moving because you were given control.
Afrisya Lubis review Afrisya Lubis
Nice Update
Nice update so far, but could you please make the pop up information (block, steal, etc.) smaller? or move it to the bottom of the screen? Because it is blocking the game screen sometimes, also if you add statistic information after the game in season match would be nice. Please fix gameplay tutorial too because it is always forcing close whenever i try to play it.
Niro Hernandez review Niro Hernandez
Post Update
After the update, I can say that this game is heading on the right direction. First of all, the graphics are better, soundtracks are better, overall gameplay is better. You made the three point shot harder which is good because before the update, even Andre Drummond can shoot threes with ease. I just hope that you add backcourt violation. And also, please reduce the stamina refill time if possible. Overall. The game is still the best!!! Love it!
Isaac Gonzales review Isaac Gonzales
Its pretty good
But the one concern is that the packs are too expensive, either lower the prices or increase the amount of coins u get for playing season but overall its good
Bara King review Bara King
The best basketball game on android
Hi there, please make it available for league vs league match. It could be awesome with that. Like clan against another clan. Please please please! Im looking forward to it. Thank you! Edited: there is bug in game sound, i think you need to fix this again. What league i told you? I want to challenge another league like clan vs other clan so it would be the best nba game ever on this planet.
lim minghui review lim minghui
Different speed??
I am using redmi 2 to play NBA live but the speed is slower than Samsung , Asus ,etc. Is this game not compatible?? Pls fix this. Thanks.
Brita ,Kurt review Brita ,Kurt
Post Update/One More thing!
Can you adjust the recharge time of stamina a little bit faster? 'cause I don't want to wait for a long time and I don't want to waste the remaining time of a live event(for example: Award Winners) because I want to get Stephen Curry and Jimmy Butler, all of them of course. And can you fix the duplication of the awards? It sucks bruh -_- Wonderful Update anyway(Thumbs Up)
Dante Perry review Dante Perry
When you first start playing the game you completely dominate every team. It gets harder as it should but it just gets ridiculous. My team was a 79av destroying 78av teams, but when i played an 80av suddenly your team is a bunch of halfbrains who cant shoot, pass, dribble, or even come close to winning. Amzing game but i dont know why it works like this.
Logan Welch review Logan Welch
Amazing Concept!
This is a great game, don't get me wrong. But, there are some things that should be added. First of all, I would love to see a stat sheet after each game like for players and the team. Also the fouls, and back-court violation should be added. Finally, I want to be able to have a more sophisticated offense as in running plays.
RM22 MetalGe4r review RM22 MetalGe4r
basic rule back court violation fix lol. please add camera view, isolation play, pickn roll, and most important real time PVP and MVP after the game or season. and replay highlights. looking forward to this app. thanks!
Tony Doagan review Tony Doagan
Im addicted to this game .
Right now there no event had appear its been like 2 hrs waiting for different event but nothing came out
Andhika Komulainen review Andhika Komulainen
This game is the ?! For real I spend lot of time playing this game, very funny and time killer. It will be more fun if there's no stamina bar so you can play it as long as you want. And yeah please add pick & roll button it will be more much fun! Love it anyway great job!
Mech Alpha review Mech Alpha
Expand the size of the button
I always accidentally shoot when my button slide to sprint thats make no sense. Can you please add another setting for increase the size of button, I will rate 5 star