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David Morris review David Morris
Having issues now, event loads, blacked out colour, App tries to authorize, tries to load and force closes to Samsung home screen. Almost unusable, please update ..... new update Same Crash To Home, events greyed out, try to load, crashes. New phone, newest op system. Plz fix! - Known Issue gives hope that this will be remedied soon - so a couple stars for not leaving us out to dry . . . plz hurray? PL is here again in 2 days - another week without my mobile footy? :(
Gregory Beaver review Gregory Beaver
Has been crashing for almost a year now
I've been very patient. The app crashes on playback now, which is an improvement over crashing on startup. Sort of. And no, rebooting has no effect on this bug.
Cornelius Williams review Cornelius Williams
Force closes on G4
Not sure why it force closes, but a fix should help it out.
Mark McDaniel review Mark McDaniel
Disappointing even with the new update.
The app continues to crash when i try to watch a broadcast. PLEASE FIX!
Sid Kamath review Sid Kamath
Love it
I have none of the issues as the others, works beautifully.
William George review William George
Needs Chromecast capability
tony wenham review tony wenham
Doesn't even open
Total waste of time. NBC should be ashamed
Rudy A review Rudy A
Doesn't work
Doesn't work, the app use to work flawlessly, now it just crashes everytime yoy want to watch something live.
Chef Gary review Chef Gary
What a waste! No SNF
How can you advertise a live sports app and then not show the biggest event that ur broadcasting? I guess if I wanted to watch Rally Cars or Figure Skating this would suit my needs. I do not. Will be deleted after this review.
Nic Chavez review Nic Chavez
Fix it it crashes when you try to load a game!
Scott Allen review Scott Allen
Right now I can't get it to play live games.
Gerrold Babb review Gerrold Babb
No football
Doesn't even offer Sunday night football the worst app ever
Chris Dingman review Chris Dingman
Crashes.. used to b 4 star
Crashes when loading event.. used to work great
Evan Kostishak review Evan Kostishak
No chromecast support, no Sunday night football. Completely useless
R G review R G
No more NFL? 1 star is way too many
So we start a new NFL season and SNF is no longer accessible through this app. What a slap in the face! This is officially a crap app now! ??... I give it ?????