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Claim the crown as king of the underground as you race for dominance in the first white-knuckle edition of Need for Speed made just for mobile – from the game developer that brought you Real Racing 3.

Build the ride that shows your style with an unbelievable range of cars and customizations. Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit the pedal and roll into underground street racing. Takedown the competition, up your rep, then kick into more races, more customizations, and more cars. Make your choices and never look back.

This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in app purchases using your device settings.

Stock your garage with the real-world cars you’ve always wanted, from top manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Hennessey, and more. Then trick them out with the hottest customization system on mobile, from spots like the Mod Shop and the Black Market, giving you over 2.5 million custom combos to play with. Your rides are waiting – take them to the streets to go head-to-head with the competition and prove yourself.

Steer onto the streets of Blackridge, accelerate over jumps and around debris, into traffic, against walls, and through high-speed Nitro Zones. Flip on the nitrous and thrust yourself into another level of adrenaline-fueled driving and drifting. Around every corner is a fresh race as you clash with local crews and local cops. It’s a world full of wannabe drivers – can you stay in front and earn respect?

Never back down as you race anyone crazy enough to take you on, leave them gapped, and increase your rep. Dig, drift, drag, and roll your ride to the finish line while outrunning the police on your tail. Burn rubber in over 1,000 challenging races – and that’s just the starting line. Be notorious, own the streets, and score the world’s best cars. Because one ride is never enough!

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Albert Black review Albert Black
Its a good game but its too much of a "money making game" than a fun one. I feel like ive to race 5 races and put a few euro in.. now after new update u can get less free fuel, gold, i dont see free cash from watching ads.. im slowly dislikeing it and might delete it soon!
M'Lord Lenny review M'Lord Lenny
The game is undoubtedly based on a pay-to-play foundation. Car Series is virtually impossible without spending money. Even with pulling all nighters, spending over 1000 gold, and not wasting a single ticket, I couldn't make the PR requirement for the final race of blackridge rumble. 7 days of suffering to get 40 blueprints.
Keyur Nimavat review Keyur Nimavat
In the update 2.8.5. after watching advertise nothing happen. I see advertise, no gold added, no item change in store. One word for the game is AWESOME. I have never seen game like this, its better than its desktop version. Graphics are so good, animation is also good, control is good. There is no negative point for this game.
Elias Gutierrez review Elias Gutierrez
This game is a lot of fun get to customize some great cars . A lot of my favorites and i was surprised to see some cool muscle cars . Very unique collection of cars. This is actually better than their console games. Well recent carbon and most wanted are amazing. The newest are hot garbage. This one is fun.reallywish there was free roam or a sand box room where you can admire and test drive what you have grinded out so many hours to get. Only bad thing. Also the boxes are too expensive leaving having to grind way too much just for absolutely anything. By the time you get anything good this game servers will be empty.
chris wilkes review chris wilkes
Thank you for making this awesome game, I love it! I've not had this much fun playing a Need For Speed game in years.. Update 2.9.1 is fantastic. Although after updating, I'm having trouble connecting to the game servers... :/ Hope it gets sorted soon! nevertheless, I look forward to future updates. ;)
Grant Deetlefs review Grant Deetlefs
new update prevents me from getting my daily gold. how do i get hold of the developer in regards to purchased errors
Rishabh Jain review Rishabh Jain
New update has lost all ad benefits, saw 4 times, same football ad appears abd doesn't increase the gold, didn't decrease wait tomw... Please repair it. I don't like the new issue you kept ?
ItsRage Quitplays review ItsRage Quitplays
Pretty good this is the best racing game that i have played in 2 and a half years Assult 8 Aborne would have probably been better but 4 freaking GB'S THAT'S A RIP OFF YAY I AM TALKING TO YOU ASSULT 8 AIRBORNE.
Erick C review Erick C
Addictive and fun game, lets me play out my fantasy of owning and racing all these awesome rides..
Julani Tapper review Julani Tapper
Great game. But like the guy below me said it sucks that if you really want to keep progressing you have to spend money...just about to delete it if this update doesn't give me a reason to keep playing
Abdus Saboor Asad review Abdus Saboor Asad
increase fuel gauge to atleast 20(fuel promos of +10 are enough) or else game seems to b too slow moving and it gets too irritating to manage getting cars and parts plus playing for reputation.... latest mod updates are good but you have to achieve them with each car(drift,Nitro's etc) to have wrappers on them unlike previous ones which were universally applicable once bought..
Maria Lopez review Maria Lopez
Awsome game but needs beter graphics
MrEmP3RoR FuZioN review MrEmP3RoR FuZioN
Love this game. The only thing I don't like is that it takes 2 bars for each race and then have to wait. And since new update, trying to watch a Ad for refill and It's not working. Plz fix this.
Jerun O'Hair review Jerun O'Hair
Really fun game. Races are short but that's good because there's a ton to do. There are a few issues though. AI has the advantage every time you bump into each other. They'll wreck you and act like nothing happened to them. Physics doesn't apply to them. Cops only tar Iget the player and can never be wrecked. I've actually used nitro to go from 180 to 220 and the cop stayed with me, uh how? There are also a few areas in the race where your car will slightly turn without your input possibly killing your drift by hitting a wall. Overall though fun to play.
Aiden Lilley review Aiden Lilley
Very, very fun :)
I will stay sour at the events,but I will always enjoy playing this game. It's beautifully designed and so much fun ? We need some Most Wanted action in here to make it even more awesome. I don't mind grinding a few times to level up my vehicle. It's an accomplishment. If everything was handed to you in a Platinum Crate,wrapped with a red bow,then there's no point in playing. Everything is pretty freaking gorgeous! ❤❤❤