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Nighthawk (formerly Up)
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The Nighthawk app (formerly Up app) makes it easy to set up and get more from your WiFi.

Install your WiFi in just a few steps. A dashboard provides easy access to additional features:
• Smart Parental Controls: Easily manage content & time online with Circle® with Disney.
• Internet Speed Test— Check the broadband speeds from your service provider.
• Pause Internet— Pause the Internet to any device.
• Traffic Meter— Track Internet data usage
• Guest Networks— Setup separate WiFi access for guests.
• Quick Setup— Get connected in just minutes.

Nighthawk (formerly Up) APK reviews

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Sedat Bilen review Sedat Bilen
I am using the R7800(x4s) router. The app is very simple and does what it needs to for the basic user, however the more advanced users should use the browser version as it provides all options. Pros: Simple, elegant and easily understandable interface. Cons: The individual actions take forever. I.e. speedtest took me literally 10 minutes while the speedtest app takes a min tops. Overall an OK app but requires some performance updates and more options for the advanced users.
A Google user review A Google user
Simply superb! Just, what i've been waiting for a long time. It looks like netgear has been making great strides in changing the old genie app interface (a novel look n feel always appreciated) and shows they are thinking of future when i see they are supporting installation of many routers via this app, which was a big hole in the genie app. The nighthawk app took over my router management on R7000 pretty easily when i was able to connect and login as admin. I have not had any issues in updating the firmware from older version to the latest, as others on this forum are talking about. Thank you Netgear!
Lance Crane review Lance Crane
Still has a long way to go before being universally useful. App installed on a new LG v30 to locally control a Netgear R7000. This app is over simplified for the basic user so as to neglect access to more advanced features. The internet pausing feature is nothing more than Access Control. If the router is using a user-defined table of reserved IP addresses and access control is not properly configured, this app will mess up your router. Uninstall until much bigger changes and improvements are made.
Justin medina review Justin medina
It's okay. Doesn't allow you to manage any advance features that nighthawk routers provide. Also porental controls are now through a third party that we have to pay for monthly if you want advance features. Old parental controls were better.
Kurt Stricker review Kurt Stricker
Stinks. All I want to do is control 3 nighthawk routers, 2 local and 1 remote, is that too hard? Doesn't allow that. Only has minimal settings, use the web app instead. Don't waste ur time
Neil Swinton review Neil Swinton
I'm using an R6400v2 in access point mode. App can't find it. Netgear emailed about an important update, but I'm up to date. Time wasted installing broken app to do something I didn't need.
Kurt Schumacher review Kurt Schumacher
Usability nightmare. What should be easy does look and feel different on almost every single App function views. And starting with a dark design on the fly changing to white is really substandard.
A Google user review A Google user
App continually disconnects from router on my smartphone even while I have a good connection to router and I can login to web management interface. It's useless...
iam cris review iam cris
This is malware and does not work. Phishing for private info. I hope you did not enter your passwords into this garbage.
Kelly Weideman review Kelly Weideman
Robby Smith review Robby Smith
No problems using this app, actually quite easy but basically the same as genie app. Why waste space w/ both?
John O'Connor review John O'Connor
I got the email telling me there's a firmware update and pointed me to this app. It's nice but don't see a diff from the Genie app. Will stay with the Genie app for now. ps. there was no firmware update.
Stewart Rowbotham review Stewart Rowbotham
Waste of space.... Fails to find R7000 router on launch, needs to "retry"...Failed to find firmware update stating "no update required"...router homepage states otherwise, had to manually download and update from router homepage.
Maciej Wojterski review Maciej Wojterski
Important update email instructions sent me here but apparently my device is not compatible.. what a joke
Dziban Molniya review Dziban Molniya
This app does less than the Netgear Genie app (which itself does far less than logging in to the router's web page). You cannot change any WiFi settings other than the SSID and encryption protocol (either WPA or WPA2), and turning on/off guest WiFi. You cannot change any other router settings like port forwarding, DHCP allotment, parental controls, etc. It does have a bare-bones Device List wherein you can disable connectivity to specific clients, but most annoyingly: you can't give devices friendly names; nor can you change filtering/parental controls; both of which are featured in Genie's Network Map (which is an actual map which shows network relationships, e.g. Wifi access points & extenders and the devices which connect to them). This app also has a Traffic Meter with which I have no complaints. To summarize: there's NO REASON to use this over the Netgear Genie app. Edit: I am one of the thousands of people who got the "important firmware update" email, which directed me here. As with everyone else, there is no firmware update for my router.