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Get complete up-to-the-minute daily breaking news coverage and headlines from over 2,500 fully licensed & trusted news sources nationally and worldwide. Easily customizable and personalized to give you what you are interested in.

Get the latest US Headlines, World News, International Headlines, Global Finance, Sports, NFL, Entertainment, Politics, Technology, Celebrity News - Over 1 million personalized topics in a lightning-fast, material design interface.

• Quick to set up and access: No more truncated RSS feeds - we bring you complete articles with full text, photos and video all inside the app from trusted US, local and world news sources from New York to San Francisco.

• Smart: News Republic learns as you read, our technology personalizes your news experience automatically.

• Trending News: Keep yourself updated with the most popular trending articles and topics of the moment.

• Sports fans rejoice: Keep up with the latest news on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Global International Soccer, NASCAR, Formula 1, MotoGP news, opinion and more.

• Video News: Lightning fast video newsfeeds optimized and in-app including the latest breaking International, Finance, National, Global, Tech, Entertainment and World News. Featured news partners include CBS News, Reuters, Bloomberg, Quartz, Huff Post, The Guardian, Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times and local newspapers as well as many more covering National, Global News, Business, Sports, NFL, Entertainment, Tech News, Science News, Celebrity News, Finance, Health and many more.

• Offline access - Read the news and your newsfeeds while offline when you are out of coverage.

• Reddit: Hottest and most interesting subreddits and content are included here. Read them and vote for what you like or dislike.

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News Republic: News & Buzz APK reviews

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sandramorrison99 review sandramorrison99
I like the critters!
I am not a busy-body, trying to get in somebody's business, but a croc and cheetah, battleing it out? OH HELL YEEAAHz!!!and weird stuff, im into that too- #TWISTED!
Needed pic
Barbara J McCarty review Barbara J McCarty
I just wanted to really acquire the news of a mermaid in Florida I hope it is the truth
Artie Velasquez review Artie Velasquez
App is very good
I would recommend to anyone
David Arriaga review David Arriaga
Very good
Adrian Martinez review Adrian Martinez
Lo mejor
Lo mejor
Donna B review Donna B
Your the best
Hot and really
Robert Stephens review Robert Stephens
Numerous Issues
This app has many issues that I'm finally done with. First, many of the articles repeat themselves up to three times. Often I'll read a paragraph that is clearly part of another story. And lastly, the spelling and grammar is horrendous.
Kenneth Benn review Kenneth Benn
I enjoy reading new information.That's What News Republic provides.The. inside view of relevant news.On a daily basis.???
Mike Robertson review Mike Robertson
App directing errors
When I click on one of your articles, then goes thru your app, it should show me the F#@king article that I clicked on to see. Please fix!
Joy Mimo review Joy Mimo
U got the juice
This news app has the juiciest news that others don't, I love it!
Doesn't show the whole articles