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LaMark M White review LaMark M White
Gotta love Nike!
Awesome app
Richard Wilson review Richard Wilson
Ridiculous. I wanted to shop with the app but after connecting with facebook it still making me.creaye an account with Nike. Deleted. Uninstalled. Let me shop without giving up my personal information and ill probably biy something...
"FATAL." -Josh Harris
Kenneth Evans review Kenneth Evans
I always use this app when buying it's amazing shoes even come the next day of in stock.
Kumar Gogle review Kumar Gogle
Cool app for shop.
Kris Britton review Kris Britton
Super Improved App
This new app boasts many great features, including workouts, shopping and sports news that automatically connect to your tailor made feed daily. As a Nike Freak, I couldn't ask for anything better!
Maurion Shelly review Maurion Shelly
I love this app
The nike plus app is so amazing. I love how the stuff from my Nike cart automatically show up. One thing I dont like is the fact that we cannot select the items in our carts.Hopefully an update will come in the near future.Overall, great app
Glen Jacinto review Glen Jacinto
Great content and you also have a chance at getting limited sneakers reserved for you!
donna kelly review donna kelly
Love nike the app is quick and easy and selection is fab
Asante Daniels review Asante Daniels
Best brand ever
Fuelband Kolkata review Fuelband Kolkata
Lovely app!!!
wuzhanindoe Kd1 review wuzhanindoe Kd1
Love it
Mike Verbik review Mike Verbik
I'm logged into my account I can favorite or like things while logged in and add to my cart but when I go to my cart the app says that it's timed out or there's an error. Even after logging out and logging back in. And you cant try to pull up the site on mobile because it defaults to the app so basically I can't use it. Frustrating. Especially when new drops occur and i cant complete purchase.
Chad Sandstrom review Chad Sandstrom
Like the app for looking at new nikes. They will not price match though and you can usually find Nike products cheaper at their outlets or on other websites. Didn't even have a decent black Friday sale. Love the outlet in Centralia WA though
Isaac May review Isaac May
Very good
One of the best apps out there for cloths