Ninja Runner 3D APK

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You have just found the #1 cartoony endless temple runner.

Run away from a black tiger to save your life. Break, jump over, slide under and dodge obstacles for a non-stop run.
You are the perfect little ninja from a forgotten temple! Try your best to reach your masters temple.

- Cute 3D toon graphics
- Various types of ninjas to select
- Huge variety of obstacles
- Interesting subway theme
- 8-bit music track
- Free to play

Ninja Runner 3D APK reviews

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Meg Backman review Meg Backman
Down does not mean the same thing as left
Every time I swipe down to roll I go left and run into a barricade also he looks like he is slipping or flying
Ruth Vaduva review Ruth Vaduva
3d ninja runner
I like the idea I think it could be better but it's pretty good I think that it's kind of hard when you have the jetpack to see where the coins are or money is but other than that it's a pretty good app and I just love ninja games hello it is a little slow but maybe it could be because of my tablet
Mandy Ansell review Mandy Ansell
Ninja runner 3d
Very poor game, almost non responsive when trying to avoid obstacles. If you want a game like this download subway surf, a much better game.
M. vemanarayana review M. vemanarayana
It is time waste game
Ninja my hero but in this ninja walking style,jump,run so late so i hate this game&uninstall it.
James Stephenson review James Stephenson
Good but very flawed
Unresponsive controls. Can't be too close too an obstacle and need to roll or jump or move to the side. Otherwise fun.
satish bonagiri review satish bonagiri
UI Is lagging too much
Ninja was not able to run fast.
Trinity Roberts review Trinity Roberts
So many glitches I really hated it like the title says stupid the ninja doesn't even run fast and of course the things the Ninja throws don't even work
linzi galloway review linzi galloway
My ninja is so silly ? he is supossed to be good but hes a peace of junk ?
Cypran Akubude review Cypran Akubude
How can you people make a game like this and put it out for people to download?
Jahdai Donald review Jahdai Donald
Why are they trying to copycat subway sufferers but its okay
Jacob Reese review Jacob Reese
Because it stop itself and kicks me back to my home page on my phone
Duh It’s Tana review Duh It’s Tana
If I could give it zero stars I would
Zoe Jackson review Zoe Jackson
Boring I only played on it for a minute and it was the most boring game I downloaded
A Google user review A Google user
Ye subway surfer ki tarah jarur hai par boring hai
Ivan Sharkov review Ivan Sharkov
But I think 2D runners like Mad Runner and other are cooler. And screen is bottom up on my phone by the way.