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Rush to the end of this ninja world. Yet another excellent FREE game from Feelingtouch Inc.

Shuriken, Lurker, Samurai, Dash! This is the jungle of ninja master.

* Try your best to jump over the cliff.

* Double jump if you want jump higher

* Click fire button to kill enemy samurai by shuriken

* Speed up by slide forward and slow down by slide backward

* Fly like a spider man with your ninja rope when you see the ceiling. Do not forget click to throw your rope at that time.

* Achievement system.

* Doodle style graphic.

If you get all achievement, became a Super Ninja, please let us know!! Enjoy and challenge yourself in this game.

Ninja Rush HD APK reviews

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Colton Hamilton review Colton Hamilton
You should make it to where before the ninja touches the ground, he he can jump an extra time. You should also make it to where if he falls off the bamboo sticks it counts the same as if he was attacked by one of the samurai. The ads don't appear all that often, but when they do I accidentally tap on the ad and it takes a couple seconds for me to go back to the game. Please fix these issues. Yeah! I have the 3rd top global high score!
PlayingFool 28 review PlayingFool 28
Good game
It is fun,simple and adictive but the time it takes from taping the screen to the ninga jumping is a bit slow. Play the game and try and beat my 3000 score. (not very hard)
varun K Nair review varun K Nair
Samsung ace rockz
Dis game is really nice.. But not yet comparable with temple run.... But u guys get 5 stars frme me hope more updates comes all d best
Beth Gillette review Beth Gillette
Awful. Jumping and the rope mechanics suck. Would give it 0 stars if possible
Sage Pendergrass review Sage Pendergrass
It's cool
The only problem I have is that when I try to jump, I sometimes hit the pause button or the shuriken button, but that's my fault, so I can't blame the game. The game is good though.
Jeff Stacho review Jeff Stacho
I was on edge the whole time as I hit the 5000 meter mark. Mind you, this was only my 4th or 5th run. Meaning its more forgiving and more easy than most run and gun games. Had alot of fun.