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Toren Pattison review Toren Pattison
Lost event chest
Love the game. Been playing for months. Just completed the Deadmau5 event and unlocked the event chest but didn't get it. Realized I needed an update so I updated. There's still no Deadmau5 event chest unlocked in my event chest section, and the event is no longer available. What's up with that?
bronson b review bronson b
Deadmau5 bounties
It won't count my multikills towards that bountie for the deadmau5 event.
Made me mad
Hap Hipo review Hap Hipo
Addicting non-stop lol
Rizza Joyce Kates Dela Torre review Rizza Joyce Kates Dela Torre
Nice game
Can we keep particular weapons after we acend
Jake Loredo review Jake Loredo
So I just loaded the game up and I'm level 1 again. Countless hours and millions of tokens spent on upgrades gone...I had almost every pet except for the two newest ones at level 1 at least. Please tell me how to restore my previous state. I already tried updating. Really bummed right now. Btw, after reading other comments about this happening, my options are Restore Level 1 and Continue Level was fun, Nonstop Knight, but I guess I'm done playing you cuz I don't want to go through that all over again
Tham Kin Seng review Tham Kin Seng
Need help
After update, still can't recover from my previous progress. I tried both the "restore" & "continue" option but still in vain. FYI, my highest floor was 308 and I REALLY REALLY don't want to start from the beginning again, after all the effort and time I spent. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
Sempastian TimeTraveler review Sempastian TimeTraveler
Got rolled back 18 hours after i updated.
Dont get me wrong the game is awesome, but losing progress if i close the game too fast cause of a call i have to answer, and ofc the fact that i lost 18 hours of progress after updating. It was fun but at least i have an excuse to stop playing.
Marco António review Marco António
Great but... bugs!
I keep losing game audio after playing a video ad. Edit: now the skill buttons disappeared after playing a second ad? Edit 2: After death, popup proposing revive, 4 uses left; cancelled, black screen reloading; annoyed with black reload taking so long, I taped the middle of the screen, and heard a sound; died again and now proposes revive only 3 left! It burned a revive during reload! I'm enjoying the game, but these bugs suck :(
Jade jordan123 review Jade jordan123
What happen?
What happen. My character has gone back to level 25 when just an hour ago it was almost 27. after i updated it. It roll back?
Ian Grover review Ian Grover
Nonstop content development! Great engine, lots of polish, no bugs, overall very outstanding. The game feels a little limited with only one class and six abilities to choose from, but everything else feels great.
Crazy Dark Angel review Crazy Dark Angel
I just redownloaded it b/c my ex deleted it. I downloaded it just now than they released the update the second my phone stopped downloading it
paton lashlee review paton lashlee
The mathematics are all wrong
When you have your equipment at 800+ and you have a hard time with a level 349 you've got something wrong with your mathematics in your's always pay play huh......
Matt Sherman review Matt Sherman
A decent effort, but shallow
This game owes a lot to Tap Titans, and other games like it. Oh, and Diablo. If that combination sounds good to you, you may enjoy this. However, it does not have the deep gameplay of Diablo or the deep management possibilities of Tap Titans.
Chris Johnson review Chris Johnson
The only bad thing i can see is ocasionally when i use a frenzy pot my character just stands there like a nobhead untill i spam my skill and he finaly move other than that absolutly awesome game