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abdul basith review abdul basith
This launcher is sorts everything in the desktop....... So fast and crispy......I am recommending this app to person who needs a best and a perfect launcher.,.
Siddharth Yadav review Siddharth Yadav
Big YES to NOva!
It is so amazing that it works even faster and smoother than any default launcher. It gives you all that needed features one would like to have for customizing the UI. The update makes it a little bit less functional than before but this can be neglected for the material UI experience. One thing I'd like to point out, before the update there was an option for adding nova actions on the home screen. I couldn't find that option with this latest release.
Alexander Maxwell review Alexander Maxwell
Persistent Search Bar
When will the new Google Search Bar be available?
Richard Van Winkle JR review Richard Van Winkle JR
Much better than stock.
Used to lag when going to and from home screen. No longer lags. Screen much more responsive. Using less ram and much much better. Hope you get the same results as I did.
A Google User review A Google User
No App Animations
I have my app animations set to "slide up" for when I open an app or return to the homescreen, however none of the animations are being done. It's just blank and lifeless changes to the screen that look make my phone look cheap. Please fix your app animations.
Andrew Barrotta review Andrew Barrotta
Prefect launcher
Gets rid of my ugly Samsung UI and replaces it with something beautiful and customisable. Love it, keep the good work up, never had an issue.
Abdulmajeed Moayad review Abdulmajeed Moayad
A Beast Launcher!
I tried like every launcher and at the end of the day I go back to Nova. If you're looking for a launcher that has the best customization capabilities, then this is it. Don't worry about the free version, it already kills any launcher on the market. Can't ask for more.
Jeromy Lowman review Jeromy Lowman
One big flaw.
I ABSOLUTELY HATE the pull down search bar in the app drawer. Why on earth, with so many customizations, is there no way to disable this?
Nick Green review Nick Green
Used to be a 5 star app
Used to be a 5 star app but now many of my apps do not show up in the apps folder. Mainly the system ones. It's particularly annoying when you can't find the Files explorer folder. I currently have no way of browsing the files on my phone unless I revert back to the Samsung launcher. Edit: It randomly showed up. Dunno why. Still can't find the stock downloaded files app though.
Ankit review Ankit
Update Google Search Box on Desktop..
The Google App and Logo now have changed. Update Google search box on Desktop and persistent search box..
Chris Jones review Chris Jones
One of the best apps out there. Just mad I didn't find it earlier
Ben Souther review Ben Souther
Wonderful Home replacement !
I have really settled into enjoying Googles offerings as my default applications for everything from note taking & cloud storage to email and now even telephony via Project Fi. The Google now launcher is close to perfect but still lacks the flexibility to allow the changing of app icons and other customization features. That said, Nova Launcher fills that need incredibly well and works well. If, like me you enjoy Android unmolested by any ones vision but your own check out Nova Launcher.
Shaun Fidler review Shaun Fidler
Awesome App!
Helped to make the feel of my Nvidia Shield Tablet much faster! Love the customizable widgets! Thanks for a great app.
Michael Cole review Michael Cole
Can't create folders on free version
Even touchwiz allows folders now. This app is useless for me without it. I thought all the positive feedback from xda forums would make this one a perfect launcher for me but I guess I'll stick with go launcher. It's not perfect but at least I can create folders.
Scott Adams review Scott Adams
I want to upgrade, but...
I love this launcher and use it as my daily driver. I'd upgrade in an instant if you added the ability to double tap to lock/turn off screen. I lost that ability with my G4. This would be the only reason i would throw my money at you!