Mobisystems OfficeSuite Pro + PDF APK reviews

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Brian Barrows review Brian Barrows
Sum feature doesn't work with blank cells in range, only records last figure in range. Have to manually correct. Sum range. Data input to cells quite buggy generally.
Nicholas Papazoglou review Nicholas Papazoglou
Good but with ads even you buy it.
I buy apps because I hate advertisements. But this app is showing adv for extra apps in the environment. Not hidden in the settings. This is too cheap anf annoying...
Mr. L review Mr. L
Why did you change the method of selecting text?!
I would like to select text. But I cannot because for some reason the press and hold method of doing this does not work in this program and I have no idea how to select text because of that. If this is not corrected soon I will demand refund. YOU REALLY NEED TO TELL PEOPLE THAT A DOUBLE TAP IS REQUIRED TO SELECT TEXT!!!! YOU ARE STILL GETTING 1 STAR BECAUSE YOUR USER MANUAL WAS USELESS AND BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE INSANE IDEA IN YOUR HEAD THAT I WILL PAY $10 FOR FONTS.
Martell Tha Cool review Martell Tha Cool
I hate you all of the office suite 7. You'll get no stars from me never again. How dare you put "in-app purchases" into this beautiful app. Shame on you all. I already paid for this and you thieving bastards wanted more money. Removed this inapp purchases nonsense and I'll glad give you guys your 5 stars back. Until then: 1 STAR!!!
Yang Yu review Yang Yu
New v8.5 can not open other file, example jpg apk.
Come on!!! We not need File Commander. That is too more.
Christian Schmadalla review Christian Schmadalla
File Commander nag icon in a paid app
My Documents gone from home screen, and a nag icon for their file manager app. I already have one. 8.5 looks like a reason to switch to SoftMaker.
KwaiSpock Tammas review KwaiSpock Tammas
It Does A Rare Thing
Read/write Dropbox folders, so it has an integrated cloud backup. Additionally, it allows set up for more than one Dropbox account.
nycnt tr review nycnt tr
I paid for office pack and they want more for fonts. Without fonts it shows garbage. Also check the font comments too it isn't working :) Maalesef aldım şimdi de fontlar için para istiyorlar. Fontlar olmadan kullanışsız. NOTE : Their contact message is from robot. UNINSTALLED.
Latest update
Happy to report the support people contacted me very quickly and advised how to get into my files. Excellent response. Thank you. They are working on a fix as fast as they can. (Latest update. Useless. Has put password on all my documents and i cant get into them. When i try to open any document old or new it askd for a password that i never set up. HELP PLS. URGENT.)
Christine Oglesby review Christine Oglesby
I use this on my androids and it's a great tool for on the go business. I've only had minor problems with keeping them all updated to the same account which I pay for the premium version. When I get time to contact tech support this, I'm sure, will be cleared up. Great for keeping info on hand as well as update input data. Thanks for such a great app.
Henry W. Jebe review Henry W. Jebe
Works well, but relocating my documents is sometimes challenging. I do not use cloud storage, I prefer to save to my devices SD card, I need search through "my files/SD card" to find My Documents, recent documents doesn't always work.
mwitalemi mbwasi review mwitalemi mbwasi
After deleting the app some months back to it's many annoyances I've decided to give it another chance and so far I'm pleasantly surprised by the positive changes. Haven't yet encountered the horrendous ads that plagued the previous version. Am cautiously optimistic.
Jerry Hickman review Jerry Hickman
Not sure about this last update, I use the freeze column function on my excel forms quite a bit. Now when I freeze the left column and I scroll the excel sheet, it superimposes itself over top of the frozen column as I swipe to the left
David Dignan review David Dignan
WTF happened to my ability to delete files without hooking up to the computer? Absolutely ridiculous. Glad I paid money to slowly lose functionality over the last two years. Used to be such a great app too. File Commander my a**! Keep it while I look for an app that doesn't require a separate downloaded app to achieve full functionality. Bye Felicia!
Steven A review Steven A
This last update way more than sucks and I can't believe that your programmers didn't catch this kind of error on their own before they updated the program. When you freeze any columns and then move the columns to the left you move them over all of the columns superimpose the numbers making an absolutely useless bad thing to do mobiSystems