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Start meeting new people and making friends in OmeTV video chat. Connect with over 1 million mobile users and over 100,000 website visitors chatting online day and night!


● Easy to use cam to cam chat: swipe and chat with a real person
● You still can use text chatting if your phone’s camera isn’t working or you have low internet speed
● Free and easy to use: no membership fees, no registration. We respect your privacy
● Hundreds of thousands of users all around the world: you will always find someone interesting to talk to
● Safe and secure: system monitors chat rules violations automatically, also, moderators are available 24/7 to provide fast reaction to users’ complaints.
● The best and fastest random videochat app for Android-based devices!
● Ads-free!

How to use:

● Download and install the OmeTV video chat app from Google Play
● Launch the video chat and open the world of unlimited fun with one swipe!

Just make sure you are online (✿◠‿◠)

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OmeTV Video Chat - Meet strangers, make friends APK reviews

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Virender Dhariwal review Virender Dhariwal
Dam i banned by someone now tell how to unbann now
Sierra Rios review Sierra Rios
Oo! You should be banned if u hve been reported 2 times, ppl troll you know! And 13 days! ? Thats way too long! I aint paying to remove my trolled ban! All i was doing was showing people my ferret, is that such a crime?!
jonathon hughes review jonathon hughes
Money Scam
I was banned and the original time was 300 hours. 11 days later and I'm still at 230 hours. I think your time is messed up and you just want people to pay to be unbanned. I am very disappointed as I have been waiting for my unban to happen. Now it seems like the only way to be unbanned is to pay a fine instead of doing the time.
wolf monster review wolf monster
Use power is too much
Before times I would let my uncle use my phone...he was banned multiple times for doing unsightly things...I decided to try it once that ban was up..I'm on my laptop listening to music and had the front facing camera on...I ran my phone over the screen and just a preview of the music video was shown...the video consisted of only words...nothing aggressive and someone blocked me! ID number 3049595
David Wilson review David Wilson
Swift w/ the BAN stick
What BS. This is not moderated by app developer but by thin skinned ppl who *think* they saw something "vulgar" or "obscene." All the app developer does is collect the $9 unban fee so what do they care. And if u send an email w/ ban ID you won't hear anything. I even sent a pic w/ larger perspective of what was considered abuse. And who determines a 300 hour vs 700 hour ban? Complete rubbish. Needs 2 b modded by app developer 4 final decision.
Rustam Gibadullin review Rustam Gibadullin
Tip: You can troll ban anyone for anything from first time. Not worth to pay for unban when trolls that should get banned.
Its alright i guess
The reason why I said that is BC it creep lagging me a lot
HempKnight review HempKnight
Kool app
I like this app great time killer unfortunately I got banned for stretching my face was still on screen an everything this banning system is bs but I still like the app jus pissed I'm kicked for like a month also I emailed and from what I can tell they give no f $cks been days no reply
Mark Lythe review Mark Lythe
Banned for showing my knees what a load of crap
Hunter Michael review Hunter Michael
Banned for showing a game controller.
Ban #: 3291723 banned for playing video games and it's deemed vulgar or obscene behavior. No inappropriate behavior was done and banned for 300 hours. The admins are abusing their powers. Would rate negative 5 stars.
Shahkar Hamgam review Shahkar Hamgam
Banned for no good reason
I had no t shirt on; bare chest and omegle banned me. Now male nipples are considered vulgar by Omegle. Which simply proves that Omegle are jealous because they have no nipples. I think Omegle are not offended if the only visible part of you is your face and even then I think you have to wear a mask. Or maybe they think your desperate to use their app and that you will pay the fine to remove the ban. PHEW what a sad group of people are Omegle ! Cover your nipples men Omegle are offended !!
nurjahan begum review nurjahan begum
make it faster and smoother and make the connection and videis fast plz
hey fix this stupid app is so damn slow it never been thia slow my camera and my stays frozen its so slow and laggy when i connect with every partner it freezez and cant do anything please im begging you fix all the problembs make its super faster and smoother and make it more stable please make the video chat faster loading and video please make the video chat fast.
Buzz Arts review Buzz Arts
Outraged over this and I deleted it
It can be fun but people band you for no reason to be jerks and there is very many pervs and so I have to tell people to be carefully but I do not band people cuz I ain't no snitch also it cost waaaaaaayyyyyy to much money to unband your self. One more thing only 3 or 4 time have I ever seen someone who is a cool person and not a pervert or a dude or girl who has not asked me to show myself. #youknowwhatimean
Conthekid_MC _ review Conthekid_MC _
Why do they let the users bann people? You get banned for no reason. The users have complete power over others by having the option to bann, just make a report and send it in.
Ayegohome17 gaming schat:gohome53 review Ayegohome17 gaming schat:gohome53
Got banned for being black like i was just sitting there and boom u are banned and im not paying that banned fee like the flip is 10.99 like the flip fix it fam .