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osu! is a 2D music/rhythm game where player must tap circles, slide balls and spin "spinners" following the rhythm of the song. It was created by Dean "peppy" Herbert in 2007 and by now its community has over 1 000 000 users.

Note: osu!droid is NOT the same as osu! (it's made by two different entities), so you can't expect that your osu! account works with this one as well (nor does score, support or anything like that).
So try to refrain from bothering the osu! team about osu!droid related questions and Problems as they most likely won't have any answer for it. (This includes writing about it in the wrong forums section, see below)

osu!droid website: http://osudroid.com/
osu!droid Twitter account: http://twitter.com/osudroid
osu!droid Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/osudroid
osu!droid Google+ Beta Community (go here for beta access): https://plus.google.com/communities/113015173616094948057
Official osu! website: http://osu.ppy.sh/

If you have problems or need help feel free to use:

If you want to keep in touch with the Developers feel free to use IRC:
irc://irc.yas-online.net:6667/osu! (If you don't have an IRC Client use this link: http://irc.yas-online.net/?channels=osu!)

PS: if you want an developer to reply to your review (or actually read it): write it in english!

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Katherinne de La Vega review Katherinne de La Vega
Won't play in SG s6
I just downloaded this game.. because everyone was telling how great this game was, however on my s6 it does NOT work at all.. it download fast and easy.. but when I opened the app and press "play" it start searching for music, but all of sudden it says "there are no songs in library" Wtf? Then I press where it says "get songs" and guess what? It gaves me a freaking list with songs but won't play /: if I could give you 0 stars I would.
Cris Jairuz Olviz review Cris Jairuz Olviz
It's good so far
Good Job guys! For me it works very well and everything goes fine everytime i play. Just make the game more smoother and more playable and it should be on it's best. On the other side the game crashes when i go to the main menu after i play 1 or a few songs, and some rare freezes. Expecting a fix. :)
brandon pennington review brandon pennington
Do Something Now Please!
This app has only worked properly for me once, 3 yesrs ago, now the servers are always down so you cant download songs, when you can somehow manage to download songs the game crashes when it tries and loads your library up, you have a good communi5y for this game. Please fix these issus for us so we can actually play this game. Until then its no rsting for me because thats how bad this gam3 is being taken care of. Its getting no updates or attention what so ever!
Nicolas Heluani review Nicolas Heluani
Excelent and fun but...
Very nice and fun game...challenging as a good rythm game should be, but I feel the music offsets a bit once in a while and the library of songs sometimes do not open properly. Also the program freezes when importing items to the library occasionally. Basically just a few bugs here and there that spoils an otherwise excellent game.
Justine Schultz Nightingale review Justine Schultz Nightingale
Fun game! A few issues though...
I really love this game, as it is fun, has a good song selection, and is convenient. However, I have encountered a couple of issues within the game, first of which being that sometimes downloading a song won't do anything. It tells you the song has been downloaded, so you can't get it again, but it is nowhere to be found in your library, and this has happened to me a couple of times. Second issue is that sometimes "medium" difficulty for a song is much harder than expected, but still, great fun to play!
K. Danger review K. Danger
Can't get it working right
Im good at this game on my PC, but when i put it on my Nexus 7 it works fine until gameplay. It wants me to tap and hold until the ring closes on the circle to score a hit, which i just cant do for multiple stacked notes. Works fine just tapping them on my friend's Nexus 7, strangely.