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Enjoy unlimited Free Movies starring Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, Rosario Dawson, Patrick Swayze and more! Enjoy unlimited Free TV Shows such as Forensic Files.

Watch Free Full Length Movies and TV Shows instantly streaming on your device. No subscription required, but videos do have pre roll ads. Discover New Movies by clicking to the Movies category and filter the movies by the ‘Full Length’ and ‘All’ tabs - "Full Length" provides movies you can watch in full length and "All" includes some titles where we only have movie trailers or clips. Search for any movie or celebrity, and find all of the video content we have available for that title or person.

In addition to watching Feature Films, you can also watch the most recent movie trailers, celebrity news, movie clips, film reviews, interviews and behind the scenes videos.

With the OVGuide Movie app you can watch:

* Thousands of Free full length movies with Famous Actors
* Movie Stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart and more!
* Browse Genres including: Comedy, Action, Horror, Drama, Romance & Sports
* Watch Unlimited Movies with On Demand Streaming

* Hundreds of Free full length TV Shows from Major TV Networks
* Deep Linking functionality into TV Network applications such as FOX NOW.
* Browse Genres including: Comedy, Action, Horror, Drama, Romance & Sports
* Watch Unlimited TV Shows with On Demand Streaming

* Latest Celebrity News and Interview Videos
* Browse your favorite celebrities and watch the latest gossip about them
* Keep up with Ryan Gosling, Angelina Jolie, Kerry Washington and more.

* New Release Movie Trailers for Upcoming Box Office Hits
* Check out interviews with your favorite actors about their recent movies
* Behind the Scenes Footage of all the best movies

OVGuide - Free Movies & TV APK reviews

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Annette Sherrard review Annette Sherrard
The shows I wanted to watch showed in the listings but weren't actually available!!!
George Grover review George Grover
Its not worth downloading
It always freezing up its just a waste of space don't download
Marcus Castello review Marcus Castello
It was awful
It didn't even let. Me watch one movie
Shannon Phipps review Shannon Phipps
Doesn't play what I want
I'll try again later and might change my opinion
Patience Harris review Patience Harris
I don't need to say much more then that. Plus, everyone has pretty much already said everything that is wrong with this app. Deleted.
Amanda Castonguay review Amanda Castonguay
It tells me EVERYTHING I try to watch, "No internet connection" yet internet works EVERYWHERE but here!
Paula Scobie review Paula Scobie
Wouldn't play 1 single episode of any TV show I tried to watch. Crackle freezes up all the time, but at least you get to watch something.
Ilene MccMcf review Ilene MccMcf
This is garbage it does not play any TV shows or movies. Uninstalling this cap asap.
Billy Hendrix review Billy Hendrix
Bad app
Doesn't play movies not sure of the point for making this app!!!!
Heather Bedard review Heather Bedard
It would not let me watch movies because of my internet, which was fine. FIX!!
Carey Manley review Carey Manley
Does not work!! Don't waste your time!
Drazar Drool review Drazar Drool
Wont let me wactch any movie
Ed Fenner review Ed Fenner
Should be removed. Only movies are via links to paying sites or apps. Garbage trailers and out of date crap on here only. This is NOT a free movie app. Why does Google allow liars to post apps?
Jennifer Espinoza review Jennifer Espinoza
App does not play movies
BabyBoo Swagg review BabyBoo Swagg
It's not letting me watch anything.